Antitrust Efforts Against the “Real Estate Cartel”

Is the real estate industry being stifled by “cartel” activity, happening among agents who want to maintain fat commissions and big paydays? The Consumer Federation of America (CFA), an organization that focuses on consumer rights, has found that antitrust steps need to be taken to avoid the trend of higher home prices, stifled competition, and […]

Should I Turn My Home into a Rental Property?

Should You Turn Your Home Into a Rental Property? Wondering whether it’s a good idea to turn your home into a rental property? You aren’t the first to consider the possibility. It’s a question that people grapple with every day. So, what do you need to know? Here are several things to think about before […]

When Does the Real Estate Season Start?

Are you trying to figure out the right timing to buy or sell a home? It is smart to consider the trends in the economy and real estate season so that you can maximize the equity available from your investment. We often hear customers ask us about the start of the real estate season because […]

Will the Real Estate Market Trends Be Changing Soon?

Most real estate experts agree that we are experiencing a “seller’s market” right now. This article will discuss if the real estate market trends will be changing soon.  Prices are back up to the levels that we experienced at the peak in 2006. At the same time, demand is high and inventory levels are low. […]

How the Real Estate Market Changes When the Weather Cools Down

Did you know that seasonal changes can have a direct impact on the real estate market? After Labor Day has passed, you can expect to see changes in the behaviors or both home buyers and sellers. What do these changes mean for the price of your home?  This article discusses How the Real Estate Market […]