Answers to the Most Common Questions from Home Sellers

What questions are racing through your mind when you decide that it’s time to sell your home? Home sellers often have questions about the best ways to maximize equity and find the right buyer. It can be hard to find the answers to the most common questions from home sellers if you don’t have an […]

Housing Trends and The Suburban Shift in 2019

The housing trends are always shifting, making it feel impossible to keep up with the market if you don’t work in the industry. As a homeowner, you don’t need to spend your time scouring through the real estate news and evaluating the way the economy will impact your real estate holdings. Instead, lean on the […]

What are the Signals that we are at the Top or Bottom of the Real Estate Market?

Whenever someone is buying or selling a home, it is common for them to ask about current real estate market trends. Are there anticipated changes on the horizon? Sellers want to list their home at the peak of the real estate market to maximize home equity. On the other hand, buyers want to invest when […]

Glad I Called Duffy Realty

Glad I Called Duffy Realty I entered the real estate market expecting to pay around $40,000.00 for a new home. The first two agencies I contacted were not interested in dealing with such a small budget, and refused to even speak to me until I had put down a $2500.00 retainer. I was dissappointed, but […]

Buyer Cash Bonus for Buying a Home

I have used Duffy Realty and Debbie Langford several times now and will use her for any home purchases in the future. Debbie has went above and beyond on my recent purchase of a bank-owned foreclosure. We were supposed to close back in May and the bank that owns the property couldn’t give us the […]

Fed Offers Some Positive Economic News!

The Federal Reserve says it’s “cautiously positive” about the economy in its widely watched regular report called the Beige Book. Eleven of the Fed’s 12 regions called economic activity in the area are “stable,” “showing sings of stabilization,” or “firmed.” Analysts said the economy is growing in the third quarter at an annual rate of […]