Redesigning Your Real Estate Website

Redesigning Your Real Estate Website

Redesigning your real estate website is essential to keeping your business current in the marketplace. It is also essential in keeping your mindset about your business current as well. So, although the website is the focus of this article, you must know that if you are not current in your thinking about whatever business you may be in, you are not staying on top of your business. And in business, if you are not going forward, you are going backwards.

Here are the benefits of redesigning your website:

1. Gives you an opportunity to check your work. Often times as you re-read your website you will see that you have changed something that you forgot was on your website. This gives you an opportunity to change the statement or idea and also ponder the thoughts around the idea to make sure it is still germane to the business.

2. Gives you an opportunity to change and update pictures. Many times when I view my friends’ websites, they are still using a picture of themselves with a haircut that is not their current haircut or before they lost all the weight, both of which would make their appearance look much better. All photos can use updating from time to time and focusing on this will give you ideas of how you want your company represented.

3. Changing the content of your website will allow the spiders and robots that search and rank web sites in organic searching to know that you are still around – in business and kicking. This is very important as many people spend a great deal of money monthly updating their site to make it search higher on the search engines.

4. Redesigning your real estate website also allows you to use newer technology like Joomla – a free software site that has search engine optimization built-in to each block of your page. This gives you so many more options to increase your website traffic.

5. A re-design allows you to re-address email options and phone numbers – basically ways people contact you. Now, you can choose chat features where viewers on your site have the ability to chat with you on the site. There is now also a new feature available that allows you to reach out to them and initiate the chat first.

6. An overall overhaul of what you learned and how you want to change your business can be implemented on your website. This is the most powerful contact to your business that the public has because your website is your creation – their first impression of you. And as you grow and get better in business, your first impression also grows and gets better. You are your website and your web site is you.

Constantly changing your website is not a bad thing. Embrace the change and reap the benefits.

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What You Need To Rent A Home or Condo

When you attempt to rent a house, the landlord will most likely ask you to fill out an application.

You should have this stuff with you so that if you are in a pinch to rent the property before someone else does, you can beat them to the punch by having your stuff ready.

1. Have your references – full name, address and phone numbers including work numbers.

2. Know your past employers name, address and phone number.

3. Know how much you make exactly.

4. Know the information of your credit references – account number and payments.

5. Know the address of your previous residences and the full address and zip code.

6. Your bank account information – address, account number etc…

Paperwork that would be good to have to show the landlord. If there are 2 of you applying, you should both supply this information.

1. Your pay stub or tax return.

2. Your credit report – you can pull this from the internet for free.

3. Your criminal history – you can get this for free from the internet.

4. Any credit card bills, utility bills etc.. that would show that you pay your bills on time.