Entrepreneur Series – Lesson 7 – Milking The Business

Before I opened up my own business, I spent over 10 years at a very high level of senior management for a Fortune 500 corporation. While I garnered a ton of personal and professional growth over the years, nothing can still really prepare you 100% for …

The Government Likes Annuities Now?

As all of us know, the idea of working for one company for 20 or 30 years is a dream most of won’t ever realize in our lifetimes.   Historically, if you worked for one company …

Is it smart to get tax refund?

Around tax time, we often hear the question, “Is it smart to get a tax refund?”  The answer really falls into the ‘it depends’ category.
In general, I am not a big fan …

Lessons About Life To Remember

Regina Brett wrote this column for The Plain Dealer paper in Cleveland Ohio. Some emails are going around saying it was written when her odometer rolled 90 years old. Of course, I did a little double checking and find out that the lessons she learned were appreciated by the time she turned “50”. I’d say […]