5 Unexpected Costs of Owning a Home

  Is your family preparing for first-time home ownership? It is an exciting time to buy a home where you can create memories together! The excitement of finally becoming a homeowner can infuse hope and fun into every member of your family! Hidden Costs of Owning a Home It is easy to get caught up […]

How To Make Money On Your Home

Making money on your home is key to many of you. My clients report that they simply would not consider owning a home that they did not make some profit on. The thought of taking a check to closing is repulsive. Here is what I want you to know about making money on your home. […]

Why You Should Own Your Home

When I was 25, I purchased my first home. It seemed to be the right thing to do and I thought that it was definitely the next step in life. Everyone follows the steps, right? You know the steps, college, find a job, get married, buy a home, and have a kid… Well, I did […]