Scheduling The Movers – Know Your Options

Remember that your Purchase and Sale Agreement allows for a seven day unilateral extension. This means that you should know what the penalties and options are for your moving plans. You can also rent PODs to hold your furniture.

Letter from a Seller about Their Agent Friend – Important

Dear Rhonda: First I want to say thank you for taking the time to help me with a very sticky situation. My wife and I have had a friend for thirty years that got their real estate license after ending another career. And as a result of having this friendship for so long, of course, […]

Redesigning Your Real Estate Website

Redesigning Your Real Estate Website Redesigning your real estate website is essential to keeping your business current in the marketplace. It is also essential in keeping your mindset about your business current as well. So, although the website is the focus of this article, you must know that if you are not current in your […]

List My Home In Metro Atlanta

Are you looking to list a home in Atlanta? So are many other people right now as you read this. Why? Because the Atlanta metro area is a vibrant place to live and people want to move around it and move to it, especially Atlanta. So what do you do now? How do you list […]