You Really Must Use Duffy Realty to Buy Your Next Home

Duffy Realty has been a joy to work with. We loved that agency acknowledges the level of effort buyers put into house hunting and amount of research they do online before asking an agent to see a property. The online interface they use to show us our search criteria results was very user friendly, and […]

Preparing to Buy a Home

Via Ki Gray – Austin Real Estate: Are you preparing to buy a home for the first time? Or have you closed on a number of homes in the past and are preparing to buy your next home? Regardless, you’ll want to keep in mind the steps necessary to successfully navigate the preparations for buying […]

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Get real with unrealistic sellers Overpriced listings give buyers bargaining chip

In some areas there is a shortage of desirable, well-priced listings. Sellers who don’t need to sell now are waiting for a better market. Many sellers who would like to sell now have unrealistic expectations about what a buyer would be willing to pay for their home. If you like a listing that is overpriced […]

Tax Stimulus For Buyers From the U.S. Government, Georgia Government and Duffy Realty of Atlanta

How will the tax stimulus plan give you the edge as a buyer? If you plan on staying in your next home that you buy for 3 years or more, you will reap the benefit of the U.S. tax stimulus package for $8,000 and if you buy a home in Georgia that meets certain criteria, […]

Gateways with Buyers & Sellers

Gateways with Buyers & Sellers One of the “magical” tools that agents have is the access to set up an email system called a Gateway for clients. Gateways have been favored by both buyers and sellers in the past as a way to look for potential properties to purchase as well as competition that comes […]

Buying A Home with Rhonda Duffy and Her Team

We share our commission with our buyers. Our clients help us find their dream home eliminating the need for us to drive around with them. Now, with that being said, we are fully capable of finding the perfect home if that is the service that you need. Watch my thoughts here on why we do […]