Noteworthy Information to Leave Prospective Buyers

Whether you are still living in the home you are selling, or you have already moved out of the property, you should leave something for buyers that visit your home for showings. Your goal should be to not only provide as much information as possible to any buyer that visits your home, but to also make your home […]

We Benefitted from a Highly Skilled Duffy Agent

We Benefitted from a Highly Skilled Duffy Agent After contacting several other realtors and not getting much of a response from them, a relative recommended Martin Archacki and his team at Duffy Realty. We were looking for 4/3 in the city. From day one, Martin went out of his way to show us what was […]

Hmm… short & sweet…

“Duffy. There when you need them, not when you don’t.” “Duffy. There for you every step of the way.” “Duffy. Selling your house? Faster, Cheaper, and Better than the competition” Seriously, though… The Duffy process helped us to sell our house with much less effort and stress than had we dealt with a traditional agency. […]

What If There Is Land Around The House That Is Not Built On?

Here lies the problem for many people. One neighborhood in Cumming Georgia was surprised when a Lowes was built looking down on their home and the security lights of the shopping center were over their homes all night. Someone else I know was shocked to find that a public school was slated to go at […]

Tips for Pricing Your Home

Consider comparables. What have other homes in your neighborhood sold for recently? How do they compare to yours in terms of size, upkeep, and amenities?

How to look at a seller’s disclosure.

The Seller’s Disclosure Is Suppose To Disclose – Look For The Clues That The Seller May Not Want You To Know A seller’s disclosure is a document that allows the seller to tell you, the buyer, what they know about their home. This document is part of the Purchase and Sale Agreement and is intended […]

What part of Atlanta should I live in?

When you are deciding where to buy a home in Atlanta you can use this simplest method of search. It is as easy as this if you don’t have a specific location to which you want to move:

Top 5 Ways to Help Someone Who Is Unemployed

With the unemployment rate continue to hover above 10%, everyone is feeling a little pinch in the wallet. If you know someone who is currently unemployed, here are some ideas on how you could …

Sellers! Check out the new Compare Neighborhood feature on the Duffy site!

Imagine if half our 1.5 million hits on the website per month were buyers looking for homes. Our search tools allow buyers to fine tune their search to certain counties and even more specific neighborhoods. In the most widely used tool, buyers can search for houses in your neighborhood. The newest feature just released this […]