How Do You Know if a Seller Will Negotiate on the Deal?

When you finally find a great home that you’d like to buy, you often need to work with a real estate agent to negotiate the best price for the property. With the right negotiations, you will be able to make the purchase of your new home and preserve your hard earned money at the same […]

Duffy Agent Great for Investors

Duffy Agent Great for Investors This is the third house that Martin helps me bought. I became a real estate investor since 2009. Martin knows how to negotiate with seller. He would talk to the seller’s agent and negotiate the best deal for me. He follows up very quickly on the negotiation and response to […]

Duffy Changed How We Look at Home Buying

Duffy Changed How We Look at Home Buying We want to share our thorough satisfaction in working with Duffy Realty. Our experience with Duffy has included setting up a lease / purchase on our existing home and purchasing another new home. From our first inquiry of Duffy Realty we were impressed with the professionalism. The […]

Tips for Pricing Your Home

Consider comparables. What have other homes in your neighborhood sold for recently? How do they compare to yours in terms of size, upkeep, and amenities?

Buying Resale Homes Vs. Buying Foreclosures or Short sales

As a Buyer’s Agent I am finding that most all buyers in today’s market want a DEAL! They start out wanting to buy a foreclosure or short sale because they have all heard through the media what great deals they can get that way. I try to explain to them that both foreclosures and short […]

Take the trauma out of buying a home

Buying a house, moving. It’s traumatic. I remember telling a young couple that it was normal to be nervous, to lose some sleep. Still, it’s one of the best investments most of us ever make. Consider the following when buying a house:

Talk To The Neighbors That Live Around The Home You Want To Purchase – They Can Provide Valuable Information

First lets start with why you should talk to the neighbors before you buy a home. Neighbors, although they may attempt to not be nosey, you can bet that most of them know everything that you need to know about the home you are looking at as well as the neighborhood. One time in my […]

Learn Important Facts About The Property You Are Going To Purchase Before You Sign On The Dotted Line

Get A C.L.U.E. From The Seller If You Are A Buyer There is an unknown tool that most buyers and sellers don’t know about that helps with the real estate transaction. The C.L.U.E. report provides invaluable information about the prospective property to both buyers and sellers in different ways. A C.L.U.E. (Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange) […]

These Simple Tips Will Help You Get The Most Out Of The Sale Of Your Home!

Learn how to add value to any home with these quick tips: Deferred Maintenance: Small repairs and the general neglect of a home can make it appear less appealing than it really is. Don’t be detracted by deferred maintenance; instead, perform an inspection to eliminate the risk of serious problems, then use the condition as […]

Less Real Estate Commission

In another article that I did recently, I talked about less real estate commission but from another point of view. The article was called Atlanta Discount Realtor. In that article I looked at the word discount and we found that Webster’s dictionary defines discount as “something that is less than retail value”. I pointed out […]