What is the MLS?

What is the MLS? Guest post from Marc Rasmussen – Lido Key Condos I was writing an email this morning to a new potential client from England explaining how our real estate system works in the United States. Over in Europe it is typical for a buyer to work with several Realtors because each agent […]

Gateways with Buyers & Sellers

Gateways with Buyers & Sellers One of the “magical” tools that agents have is the access to set up an email system called a Gateway for clients. Gateways have been favored by both buyers and sellers in the past as a way to look for potential properties to purchase as well as competition that comes […]

The Evolution of Real Estate Brokerages and Real Estate Agents

The way we know real estate today is not the way that real estate was once known. Real estate has evolved over the last few decades into being less of a service business and into more of an expertise. Real estate brokers and real estate agents do business differently today than they ever have before. […]

Atlanta Real Estate Jobs

Atlanta has many real estate jobs. According to the First Multiple Listing Service in 2007, there were 42,000 agents registered as members in the state of Georgia and most of those of course, were in Atlanta. And as in any industry, the types of jobs in real estate vary. Here is a list of the […]

Where To Buy A Home In Atlanta

When you are deciding where to buy a home in Atlanta you can use this simplest method of search possible. It is as easy as this if you don’t have a specific location to which you want to move: 1. Spread the map on a table, close your eyes and throw a dart at the […]

Real Estate For Sale – Atlanta, Georgia

How do you find real estate for sale in Atlanta? Due to the internet it is really quite easy now. Over the last 10 years the internet has allowed home buyers all over the world to see what is for sale and an intensive overview of what the house has to offer. Pictures, taxes, comparables, […]

How To Find A Rental Home

Finding a rental home has gotten easier over the years. Now with the multiple listing services adding a feature for rentals that immediately populates the information on the internet, you can look for a rental home 24/7. The MLS (multiple listing service) populates information by city, monthly rent, bedrooms, schools etc… Here are some things […]

List My Home In Metro Atlanta

Are you looking to list a home in Atlanta? So are many other people right now as you read this. Why? Because the Atlanta metro area is a vibrant place to live and people want to move around it and move to it, especially Atlanta. So what do you do now? How do you list […]