Is Your Homeowner’s Insurance Going To Cost You More Than A Few Shingles?

If you live in the state of Georgia, you may notice a big jump in your Homeowners Insurance here in 2012.   Often, people don’t really look closely at their homeowner’s policies because their mortgage payments …

26 Billion More Down The Drain

It’s official. After months of challenging negotiations, government authorities announced last Thursday that they reached a $26 billion settlement with five of the nation’s biggest banks over their flawed and fraudulent foreclosure practices. T…

Beware of Real Estate Scammers

It’s a jungle out there. You knew that already, of course. But there seems to be something about our troubled economic times that’s bringing out the schemers, the scammers and the less-than-straightforward, many of whom have zeroed in on housing. With the word “foreclosure” on so many lips, it’s probably not surprising that con artists […]

8 freebies home builders are giving away – Real Estate News

In this tough economy, builders would rather give stuff away than sit on unsold homes and condos. And that’s great news for new-construction home buyers. Rhonda Duffy, owner of Duffy Realty in Atlanta, says a builder’s whole career could rest on whether he sells one house. “Builders used up all their construction loan money, and they’re sitting on properties. So they can’t build any more houses because they’ve got to sell these first,” says Duffy, Georgia’s top-selling real estate agent in 2007.

What Are The First Steps To Avoid Foreclosure?

If you are concerned or if you are struggling monthly to pay your mortgage, here are the first steps to take in saving your home. Never pay an upfront free from a foreclosure consultant until you try this yourself. The banks want you to keep your home and are more friendlier and more helpful than […]

How To Make Money On Your Home

Making money on your home is key to many of you. My clients report that they simply would not consider owning a home that they did not make some profit on. The thought of taking a check to closing is repulsive. Here is what I want you to know about making money on your home. […]