Atlanta Short Sales Seeing Success

Atlanta Short Sales Seeing Success – There is No Reason to Foreclose

Atlanta, Georgia / / January 30, 2012 — Atlanta based Short Sale Real Estate Expert, Rhonda Duffy is seeing huge success with short sales and lenders saying “Yes, Sell It”! This means that there is absolutely no reason for anyone to foreclose on their property and take a 7-year beating on their credit! If a homeowner has a hardship there is a good chance that their lender wants to help the homeowner who is in mortgage default if the homeowner is willing to stay put and find a buyer for the home. It appears that lenders do not want foreclosures on their books.

“There is a real sense of urgency now with these lenders” says Rhonda Duffy, owner and broker of Duffy Realty of Atlanta and now ranked #1 Short Sale Specialist in Georgia according the MLS. “No one wins with a foreclosure, and certainly not the homeowner. They get penalized with their credit score, potential harm with future and current employers pulling their credit, insurance carriers pulling their credit for insurance purposes, and everyone knows that all creditors charge more in interest to someone with bad credit. And worst, homeowners report that the collection agencies make life almost unbearable at time as they attempt to collect the deficiency judgement.

If a homeowner is behind in their mortgage and facing foreclosure due to a circumstance that has happened to them, the lenders are prepared to help. That is the good news. The bad news is that they won’t wait long for a homeowner to take the help. There is a short window for success with a short sale and the more time that a homeowner has to do a short sale, the better the outcome. Again, there is simply no reason, especially in a fast moving market like Atlanta Georgia to risk a foreclosure.

For more information on how to do a Short Sale, visit Duffy Realty of Atlanta’s short sale and mortgage default page.


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Does Pricing Matter?

Search the Internet right now in any price range and then ask yourself, are you expecting to see every home in your price range? Of course you do, why else would you be searching? So why is it that many marketing geniuses are still pricing homes for example at $299,900? Let’s run a quick scenario. You are a buyer looking from 300K to 400K. You use the search engine pull down menu on any major real estate website and pull 300K to 400K. Do you think to then look at 250K to 300K to see what is priced at $299,900? No probably not. So the agent of the sellers who have priced these homes to attract buyers at the 300K range have skipped those buyers all together even though they sold the idea to the seller that this would be the best marketing for them as their marketing expert.Continue reading

6 Reasons Why Your House Won’t Sell…

I don’t agree with EVERYTHING, but MOST of it I do!!

1. Your photos are unimpressive. The vast majority of home buyers start their search for a home on the Internet, your house had better look great in print. Not just nice… downright fabulous. Today we are considering internet views as a ‘virtual showing’… if your house gets past that, then they might (just might) make an appointment to see it in person… We consider that your SECOND showing. Today’s buyers are expecting good quality photos (and lots of them… just 1 shot from the street won’t cut it!), a virtual tour, maybe even a floor plan, if applicable.

2. It’s overpriced. You’ve got to view your own property as objectively as possible. Look at the home like a “buyer”… if necessary, go out with your Realtor and view other homes that are priced comparably to yours. Be objective. Given the other options on the market (and yes, you DO have to include short sales and foreclosures on your list… your potential buyers are!), would YOU buy your home, over the others on the market?Continue reading

How To Attract Buyers To Your Home

Sellers all over the United States look for buyers everyday. Here are some ideas for finding them. And, know that there are plenty more ideas other than these to find buyers, you just have to think out of the box to find them. So, as you read this, if you are in need of some buyers, open your mind and let’s go get them.

You Tube video posted on You Tube and everywhere else you can find to post video. Make the video with your camcorder and load to You Tube or get a Flip camera (they are very affordable and extremely easy to use) and load directly with its software.

Make Google Ad Words for your home and post your video.

Make a flyer and carry it with you everywhere you go to give out.

Hold an open house and dinner for your neighbors only so that they can tell their friends and neighbors about your home.

Make a website for your home with a photo album and advertise the site in newspapers, both big and small, that are cost efficient.

Of course make sure that you are listed in the FMLS and MLS.

A virtual tour on will make sure that you appear in a search query before your competition, those without a tour in your price range, does. Virtual tour companies will put you on their website too. Homescenes is an excellent choice for a virtual tour company.

Post your flyer on any bulletin board that you can find, including your work bulletin board.

If you have a neighbor that works somewhere with a bulletin board, ask them to put your flyer on their board.

Post your home on every for sale by owner site that you can find.

Put signs everywhere around your home.

Hold open houses any time of the week that you are home.

Ask other neighbors that are selling to hold open houses too at the same time and advertise that you are having a neighborhood-wide open house.

Stage your home and get your stager to put it on their website.

Advertise your home on TV.

Advertise your home in any home magazine that allows searching by location.

Consider holding an auction like the one in the book How to Sell Your Home in 5 Days.

Advertise your home to extended stay hotels, if they will allow you.

Hopefully, you are getting the idea that anywhere you want to put your home, helps you in the long run since we don’t know when, where or who your buyer will be.

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Listing Agent Expert

What is a listing agent expert? Many sellers are in search of this everyday when they are interviewing agents to sell their home. But, when asked what they are looking for, they say someone who can sell their home. So, let’s breakdown what that means. What does it take to sell a home in this market or any other for that matter?

The things that an agent must know to get a home sold:

1. They must know how the internet search fields for public sites work. This incorporates the pricing methods used when they are pricing a home. Search engines pull in big round numbers. Make sure that your agent knows that they should not be pricing you at $299,900 because you will miss all the buyers searching from 300,000 to 350,000. You want to make sure your asking price is on a big round number.

2. They must know how agents search the MLS and how they manually put in prices. A home listed in between a 5,000 range will only be in no-man’s land. Again homes must be listed in big round numbers in 5,000 ranges no matter what the prices are in your neighborhood.

3. They should know how to push the line to get your home listed in MLS with the most features or search fields shown. The listing agent’s job is to yield the most buyers to your home through buyer searches. In other words, your listing should not be sparse. The more features listed, the more chance they will ping a search query and bring up the property for viewing.

4. They should understand that quality photos are a must and the more the merrier. The first time people see your property is not when then physically come out, it’s when they see it on the Internet.

5. They should know ways that you can avoid having printed flyers from the info tube dropped on your lawn. This is one of the biggest aggravations for a seller during the time that they are listed. Wet flyers, no flyers or outdated flyers are not necessary. An audio tour of the home on a recorded message is today’s technology’s best substitute for flyers.

6. They should have a game plan on what you should do in 30 days, 60 days etc. as you are on the market. For example, instead of lowering the asking price, you should consider offering more buyer agent commission to entice more agents to come to your home – quicker.

7. They should insist that you stage your home with a professional.

8. They should help you determine if your home stinks – literally. Smells kill someone’s chances to sell a home, especially pet odors.

9. They should help you enhance your curb appeal.

Honesty is needed from a listing agent. If you feel that they are too nice to you just to schmooze you to get your listing, if that kiss-ass attitude persists after you are marketed with them, then plan to sit on the market longer than you may need to. You need an agent to bring you common sense and honest input, even if it risks being insulting. You are looking for someone to help you sell a home, not a friend.

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Real Estate For Sale – Atlanta, Georgia

How do you find real estate for sale in Atlanta? Due to the internet it is really quite easy now. Over the last 10 years the internet has allowed home buyers all over the world to see what is for sale and an intensive overview of what the house has to offer. Pictures, taxes, comparables, mortgage payoff and more can all be investigated when viewing a listing on both for sale by owner properties and the properties listed by real estate agents.

In the past, Real Estate Agents held the power to find the properties by networking with other agents. As a result the public believed that they had to go from company to company to see what the agents there had for sale. That was due to the fact that the MLS (multiple listing service) books that were printed bimonthly held all the information on houses actively being marketed. Now that power to control the flow of information agents once had is gone. Real Estate Agents are used now to facilitate the showings and to perform the contract duties relevant to the transaction. The public rarely relies on the agent today to find out what properties are available or to know what’s going on in the market.

The Multiple Listing Services now populate out to many websites, whether they be a real estate agent’s own site, a real estate company site or even moving and relocation sites. The MLS is now used as a lure to get buyers and sellers to these websites. And, the public shows that they like it. These sites continuously have more hits and longer views than almost any other sites. Even the buyers who are not buying for the next ten years are mesmerized by searching for properties and learning about the neighborhoods they have interest in and even their own neighbors.

So, if you want to know what is listed for sale in Atlanta, simply visit any site that has the MLS data feed on it. If you find that other companies listings are on the site, you are looking at everything on the MLS because the MLS says that if you post anyone besides yourself on your search, you must post all listings. If you are looking for a For Sale By Owner property, you may search any of the number of For Sale By Owner sites or even most newspapers now offers photos on each online listing.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the search is easy now! You have more real estate data at your fingertips than at any other time in history. Happy House Hunting!

The Duffy Buyer Cash Bonus

We recognize that you are doing most of the work to find your own home. If you will allow us to do the expertise part of the job, while you search for the home that you want to buy using our tools, we will share our commission with you.

In real estate transactions, at least those in the MLS, the seller pays a commission to the buyer’s agent. That commission ranges from 2 to 4% of the sales price. We are willing to pay you part of our commission based on how many houses we show you.

This program has been so successful that in 2007 alone, we gave our buyer clients over
1.1 million dollars.

Here is how it works:

If we show you:

1 to 3 houses we will give you 50% of our commission

4 houses we will give you 45% of our commission

5 houses we will give you 40% of our commission

6 houses we will give you 35% of our commission

7 houses we will give you 30% of our commission

8 houses we will give you 25% of our commission

9 houses we will give you 20% of our commission

10 houses or more and we will give you $500.00.**

Checks are mailed 5 business days after closing. .0034 of the sales price is taken from the buyer’s split.

Buyer must be under Exclusive Buyer Agency, but may elect to terminate agreement at any time.

** no .0034 of the sales price fee is taken from a $500.00 Buyer Cash Bonus check.

Here is a list of some of what we do for You…

We will give you our Superior Tools – At No Charge

We Run Comps and any other Information Tools on all Houses that You seriously consider

We Show you As Many Houses That You Want

We Can Preview Houses for You when you accept the lowest Option of the Incentive Plan

We will Play Devil’s Advocate giving you advice on all houses that You are serious about

We Talk to your Lender with You

We Give you Homework that makes you an Educated Buyer

We Take you to the Neighbors before you Buy

We Use the Same Forms, Same Processes and Same Rules as all other agents

We Write the Contract for Purchase covering all the bases for You

We Use our Secret Formula to get the Best Price

We Train Frequently to be Trained Assassins on your Behalf

We Train Frequently to Learn How to Get Along with Everyone while getting you the Best Deal

We Watch over the Inspection Process

We Schedule and Attend the Punch List for New Construction or Walk-Through of Resale Properties

We Schedule and Attend (if needed) Closing with you

Call us today to get started getting the money that you deserve. What can you use a couple thousand dollars for? 678-366-7846

Here is an example of what this commission split means to you.

$300,000 home; 3% commission paid by seller to someone (might as well be us and you) = $9,000.00. We take you to 3 houses or less by you removing homes from your list by previewing them online and by drivebys. 50% commission split to you less .0034 fee = $3,480.00.

Rhonda Duffy

Consumer Advocate for Buyers and Sellers

P.S. We can act as your full service agent too. We will preview for you and take you to as many homes as necessary and still pay you $150.00 after closing.

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Real Estate Agents With Common Sense

Someone asked me if I knew any real estate agents with common sense the other day. I thought it was an odd question until they explained that they had never met any. Of course, they said present company excluded, but I knew that they could not mean that because they did not know me yet.

I got to thinking. What does that mean, agents don’t have any common sense? I think I have the answer. I think that they mean that agents are using the common way of sales to get sales done.

The first thing that you have to do in sales is prospect. The only way to prospect is to go to where the buyers and sellers are. And, the only ethical place that we can go to gather these prospective clients is on the Internet. Yet, when you look on the Internet, at most agent’s performance, you find that the houses they list have horrible photos, no enhancement of the ads or anything else that make them stand out.

Most agent websites, if they even have one, lack content are mainly a business card template saying how great they are. There is no mention of any accomplishments, their track record or anything of substance. It is just a glamour shot, as if that is going to lure a buyer or seller because the person looks nice.

The advertising that most agents do for the homes that they have listed require no effort past putting the house in the MLS. They then rely on the MLS to feed the data to other websites. Their thinking is, “Well we did pound the sign in the yard, etc…”

There is nothing else done on the majority of the advertising plans implemented by traditional agents.

Now, the latest trend is that the listing agent refuses to show the house to any buyers that call that are working with a buyer’s agent. And, if they do show the house, they are claiming the entire commission, citing procuring cause. Now correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t it the listing agent’s job, to open the house to all buyers? And certainly, they shouldn’t cop and attitude with any buyer’s agent who has a client that wants to see the house. The overall attitude now is that a listing agent can dictate whom they want to work with – but this is not nor shouldn’t be the case.

So, to work towards a reputation as agents that is one of ethical common sense, I think that many schools, brokerages and workshops really should focus on how real estate should be sold in the 2000’s not in the 1960’s. Times have changed and most consumers today know more about how to market their home on places like You Tube, My Space and with Google Ad Words than agents do. And that is scary!

How To Find A Rental Home

Finding a rental home has gotten easier over the years. Now with the multiple listing services adding a feature for rentals that immediately populates the information on the internet, you can look for a rental home 24/7. The MLS (multiple listing service) populates information by city, monthly rent, bedrooms, schools etc…

Here are some things that you should know:

1. You can search properties listed on the MLS anytime on most major websites.

2. Before you go to see them, call and verify that they are available. The downfall to the MLS posting of these properties is that the policing of this process turns out to be not as strict as when houses are listed for sale. Often times the agent fails to take the property off the MLS.

3. Speak to the neighbors and get a feel for how they feel about the rental house. If you get into a house as a renter that the neighbors despise, you need to know this to make the decision if you want to watch your p’s and q’s. At least before you sign the rental agreement, you can make that decision for yourself.

4. Rents are negotiable based on the market and the laws of supply and demand.

5. Gather your documents that would prove your identity, credit worthiness and employment history before you start the search process.

6. Know what your credit score is so that you aren’t shocked and surprised when you are asked about stuff on your credit.

7. Have your deposit and first and last’s months rent ready to pay. Landlords don’t want to hear your sob story and you will loose power to get the things that you want.

8. Have the Landlord be responsible for pest control.

9. Ask for the first option to buy.

Pre-planning is key to a commitment of this manner and you should easily be able to do your due diligence to live happily ever after for as long as you choose in any rental environment.

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List My Home In Metro Atlanta

Are you looking to list a home in Atlanta? So are many other people right now as you read this. Why? Because the Atlanta metro area is a vibrant place to live and people want to move around it and move to it, especially Atlanta. So what do you do now? How do you list your home for sale and most importantly get the results of getting it sold quickly and for the most amount of money?

Your Options

You can either list for sale by owner or list with an agent. Listing for sale by owner will give you the most rights as far as not paying a commission if an agent is not involved, and perhaps save you the most money in the long run. If you list with an agent, you will most likely get more exposure for your home because the internet embraces the feed into many sites from the multiple listing service that agents put your home in.

The Best of Both Worlds

Many people in Atlanta have discovered that listing their home with Duffy Realty IS the best of both worlds. With Duffy Realty, you are listed in 1000’s of websites that the MLS feeds. You are working with an expert who can give you advice and support AND you are a for sale by owner exposed in all of the for sale by owner venues. When an agent brings the buyer, you pay an agent commission BUT when they don’t you save the commission.

Duffy Realty charges a little upfront and a little at closing, thus you get to put a lot in your pocket versus what you would pay in an average listing commission. You are able to sell quicker because you have maximized your advertising by covering all the bases.

At Duffy Realty, you pay $500 to be listed until sold and .0034 of the sales price at closing. I know that sounds ridiculous but the question is not Why do we charge so little? The question is why do others charge so much? Why pay more money and get less advertising and results. Only a schmuck likes to pay more.

By the way, Duffy Realty sold over 231 houses in your city of Atlanta in the last 2 years. Will you be next?