Working Together with Agent Nets Perfect Results

As first time home buyers, we are more than satisfied with the help and expertise that our agent Justin Trotter and Duffy Realty were able to provide. After 10+ months of searching online listings regularly emailed to us, driving by homes, and going to a couple dozen showings we finally found our dream home in […]

Good news for Atlanta!

With two weeks to go. Here is a list of the homes that have been sold or are pending in 2009 for the metro Atlanta area. 13111 are pending and 11423 have been sold in Fulton County 7921 are pending and 7018 have been sold in Cobb County 9833 are pending and 8500 have been […]

Great news for Atlanta from John Adam’s Newsletter

This is from John Adam’s newsletter. If you don’t get John’s info, sign up for his newsletter at HOME PRICES HOLD STEADY IN GEORGIA and ATLANTA METRO by John Adams We just got the official word from the Office of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight, and it’s good news. For the 12 month period ending […]

Great News About Atlanta Housing

John Adams’ Top 10 Undeniable Truths about Real Estate for the Fall of 2008 1. People have to have a place to live. — It’s basic but it speaks volumes about the real estate profession. Today there are 4.78 million people in the metro Atlanta area; it’s predicted there will be over 8 million by […]

For Sale By Owner in Atlanta

Being a for sale by owner in Atlanta is easy today. Here are the tips that you need to know to get started. First run an ad in the local newspaper. Your local newspaper is The Atlanta Journal Constitution unless you use your county newspaper. You can also run in places like Thrify Nickle and […]

Atlanta Real Estate Sales

Atlanta has always been and will always be a sought after community for homebuyers. Atlanta offers the largest airport in the country and is a transportation hub of the entire southeast. Thus, employers are forever likely to place a regional headquarters in this area. In fact, there are more regional offices of Fortune 500 companies […]