What If There Is Land Around The House That Is Not Built On?

Here lies the problem for many people. One neighborhood in Cumming Georgia was surprised when a Lowes was built looking down on their home and the security lights of the shopping center were over their homes all night. Someone else I know was shocked to find that a public school was slated to go at […]

What If The House You Are Buying Has Land Around It That Is Not Built On?

Okay, so what should you do if the house you are buying has vacant land around it? Should you just say, great, no one lives here so we have more privacy? No, you should not is the answer. This land could be a potential problem for you in the future and you need to know […]

Where To Buy A Home In Atlanta

When you are deciding where to buy a home in Atlanta you can use this simplest method of search possible. It is as easy as this if you don’t have a specific location to which you want to move: 1. Spread the map on a table, close your eyes and throw a dart at the […]

Become the Top Real Estate Agent in Your City – 7 Steps To Success Starting Today

Being the top real estate agent is easy if you have a plan. The plan is not elaborate or some special secret, or even something that you have to have 10 years of schooling for. It is really simple – be consistent. Many people have a different definition of consistency if you ask them. Often […]