Should I Loan Money To A Friend?

All of us have had awkward money scenarios happen to us in our lives. There are the immediate face-to-face confrontations when a personal friend asks us for money while out on the town. Or what about the time that your college roommate asked you if they could borrow $5,000 or $10,000? Remember when your 2nd cousin said they would be starting a business and were wondering if you would invest $25,000 in the new venture? So, how do you handle a money situation that may make you lose sleep at night? Here are three smart money moves steps to diffuse the problem. Step 1: Empathize. Listen, and Show that you’ve heard by recapping what specifically the other person is wanting to do with the money. Make sure you initially understand it from their point of view. Indicate that you know that economic times are tough, and their individual circumstances are particularly difficult. In a certain sense you need to be able to step inside of their shoes to feel a…

8 freebies home builders are giving away – Real Estate News

In this tough economy, builders would rather give stuff away than sit on unsold homes and condos. And that’s great news for new-construction home buyers. Rhonda Duffy, owner of Duffy Realty in Atlanta, says a builder’s whole career could rest on whether he sells one house. “Builders used up all their construction loan money, and they’re sitting on properties. So they can’t build any more houses because they’ve got to sell these first,” says Duffy, Georgia’s top-selling real estate agent in 2007.