How to Get Your Home Ready For Sale

Getting your home ready for sale can be overwhelming if you don’t have a plan. Planning is simply taking each room at a time to make a list of what needs to be done, what you need to purchase to make that possible and a flexible outlook to repair or replace items that a buyer may object to. This is really easy and won’t take as long as you think.

Go to the Paint Store

Go to the paint store first thing. If you don’t have the colors written down of what paint colors you used, go to the paint store and get some samples first that you think will match. Get paint samples that you can use to compare your grout and caulk as well.

Scope Out the Hardware Store

Scope out the hardware store to see what they have so that you know what it available. Gold knobs and fixtures are hard to find for instance so have a gameplan about what you will replace.

Lighting, Faucets and Door Knobs

Lighting, faucets and door knobs are important to replace. This is a cheap fix to many outdated issues. A handyman can put these in for you and they really make a difference that buyers what to pay for. Resist using fancy, fancy stuff. You won’t get your money back. Use medium line stuff.

So, the first thing to do is to start at one part of your home and work your way to other rooms.

Make 3 Lists

 What needs to be done – walk the room and look from ceiling to floor in each part of the room. If you are not sure of what can be done to cover or to improve minor things, look on the internet for a solution. There are many ways to improve the situation without a major overhaul.

 What you need to buy to do the job – be very specific and measure everything. Use your paint samples to match and be specific about the differences. You will get a bonus if you only have to go to the hardware store once. Otherwise, you will spend most of your repair time going to the hardware store which is very frustrating.

 What you will do to make the room staged – define staging for yourself with the many sites on the internet or hire a stager. If you hire someone that is reasonably priced, you will sell quicker and for more money. It is proven.

Now take your to be done list and make a side note of painting, handyman work, cleaning, washing etc… Get your list in order.

Then, take your what to buy list and do the same so that you can make your time efficient while in the store.

Doing the Repairs

When you start the journey of repairs, hire people to help you. Give them a VERY specific list of what you need done and set them on their way. Do not talk to them – that wastes time and you will quickly see that a lot of handymen like talk and then charge by the hour.

If you are having painting done, hire a professional painter. This saves time and the job will look better.

Don’t forget the exterior and your yard. The front door must shine because that is where people stand the longest in your house while the agent attempts to get the door open. Make your front entry so warm and welcoming that people MUST see your home. Your mailbox and it’s area also needs attention. Flowers, flowers, flowers is all that I can say. Don’t overdo, but make it worth your buyers time to come to see your place.

Set the Stage

Set the stage for any table, etc.. as if you are having a party. Take your photos this way and keep it set-up for showings.