Martin was Great! – Duffy Realty

Martin was Great! – Duffy Realty Martin was a pleasure to work with, his work ethic is unmatched, he gives 100% all the time! Plus, his network of lenders, contractors, and office support were all great as well. Paul and Stacy Ellis —- Metro Atlanta has spoken and Duffy Realty is 92% referred to friends […]

What to do About ALL Those Requests from your Lender?!

What to do About ALL Those Requests from your Lender?! Most home buyers go into the process of getting a mortgage thinking it’s not going to be easy.  But they still become offended at the type of information the lender requests.  Then they begin to resent it.  And even worse, when the lender appears to […]

Atlanta Short Sales Seeing Success

Atlanta Short Sales Seeing Success – There is No Reason to Foreclose Atlanta, Georgia / PRBuzz.com / January 30, 2012 — Atlanta based Short Sale Real Estate Expert, Rhonda Duffy is seeing huge success with short sales and lenders saying “Yes, Sell It”! This means that there is absolutely no reason for anyone to foreclose […]

Our Agent was a Wonderful, Helpful Player/Coach

The last time my wife Lisa and I purchased a home was 32 years ago. However, we saw a Duffy listing that we fell in love with. It was a short sale. We had heard of short sales but did not know what they were. Warren Savage became our agent. Warren patiently explained the short […]

Top 10 Things You Need To Do To Get Your Lender to Do A Short Sale

1. Bring them a willing and able buyer. 2. Prove your hardship. 3. Provide updated and complete bank statements with limited spending shown for non-essentials. 4. Take a patience class to help you sit around and wait. 5. Keep your buyer in place by inviting them to the home over and over for various reasons. […]

To Do: Order a Survey

It is very important to order a survey. Most lenders do not require a survey anymore so it is optional for you. The closing attorney’s office will order the survey upon your request. This information is from Jill Elliott’s website, a closing attorney friend of Rhonda’s. Here is her take on the issue. (So what […]

Pending Home Sales Up Again!

Pending Home Sales for July increased by 3.2%, more than double the expectations of 1.5%, and representing the sixth consecutive monthly gain…the longest streak on record. While it’s nice to finally hear some positive news about the housing sector – let’s remain cautious in our optimism, as many first time homebuyers moved up their home […]

Why Do Lenders Want Bank Statements?

“Why does a lender want to see my bank statements?” Here are the reasons that lenders ask to see a borrower’s bank statements:

Preparing to Buy a Home

Via Ki Gray – Austin Real Estate: Are you preparing to buy a home for the first time? Or have you closed on a number of homes in the past and are preparing to buy your next home? Regardless, you’ll want to keep in mind the steps necessary to successfully navigate the preparations for buying […]

5 things to never tell a buyer

A buyer is looking at your home and asks a question. Be careful what you say, as it can cost you much more than you realize. As a seller, you may find yourself at home when a buyer is looking at your home. In most cases, it’s smart to leave during the showing. If you […]