6 Steps to Be Ready for Home Ownership

Have you been dreaming about the possibility of buying the perfect home for your family? Many people want to buy a home, but they assume that they won’t be ready for home ownership for a few years because they don’t have a down payment for the purchase. Instead of waiting for the stars to align, […]

Tips to Help You Breeze through the Closing Process When Buying a Home

After all of the searching and effort that it took to find your dream home, it is finally closing time and you are almost a new homeowner! Closing on a home is an exciting time, because you are seeing your dreams turn into reality. But, it can also be a stressful time as well, especially […]

Buying a Home? How to Find Your Dream House

It is an exciting time to be searching for the home of your dreams, but some home buyers feel a little overwhelmed at the idea of finding the perfect home for their family. There is no reason to stress about the home buying process though, because it can be a fun and easy process when […]

Top 10 First Time Homebuyer Mistakes!

Top 10 First Time Home buyer Mistakes! by Ted Jenkin of oXYGen Financlial 1.Buying more house than you can afford. Typically, you don’t want your mortgage payment to be more than 28% to 34% of your monthly income. For example, if your monthly income is $5,000, a total mortgage payment of $1,500 will be in the ball park. Of course, you need to include all of your overall debt payments which should never be more than 40% to 45% of your overall bills.

What If The House You Are Buying Has Land Around It That Is Not Built On?

Okay, so what should you do if the house you are buying has vacant land around it? Should you just say, great, no one lives here so we have more privacy? No, you should not is the answer. This land could be a potential problem for you in the future and you need to know […]

Talk To The Neighbors That Live Around The Home You Want To Purchase – They Can Provide Valuable Information

First lets start with why you should talk to the neighbors before you buy a home. Neighbors, although they may attempt to not be nosey, you can bet that most of them know everything that you need to know about the home you are looking at as well as the neighborhood. One time in my […]

Georgia Home Buyers – $15,000 Tax Credit to Home Buyers – Duffy Realty

The U.S. Senate on Wednesday unanimously approved an amendment to the economic stimulus bill by U.S. Senator Johnny Isakson, R-Ga., that gives a $15,000 tax credit to anyone who buys a home in the next year. Isakson’s amendment would provide a direct tax credit to any home buyer who buys any home. The amount of […]

How to Buy An Atlanta Condo

Just as with anything else, buying a condo is a process not to be reckoned with lightly. This article with enlighten you to the steps necessary when you are buying a condo. It will also give you some insight on what is the most important thing to ask yourself during the process. Whether your condo […]