Yes, The Housing Market Is Improving

Yes, The Housing Market Is Improving If you’ve been working in real estate, you’ve known for months that things are improving – slowly but surely.  Now there’s proof.   The National Association of Realtors says its index of sales agreements increased 4.1 percent last month to a reading of 101.4, the highest since April 2010, when […]

Tips for Remodeling in Any Market

When the housing market’s hot, it seems like just about any remodeling project is a good investment and adds value to your home. But when the market is tight, you want to be more selective about which projects you undertake, and know what you stand to gain in return. So whether you’ve been thinking about boosting […]

Atlanta Real Estate Trends for 2010

Yesterday, I was fortunate enough to attend the annual ULI Atlanta Emerging Trends in Real Estate seminar. The day was filled with economists and Atlanta developers, like Stephen R. Blank, Dennis P. Lockhart, Ed Baker, Philip B. Beaudette, Randall Evans, Larry L. Gellerstedt III and Gregg Logan, giving their predictions on what to expect from […]

The Home Buyer Tax Credit Expiration-The Pressure is Mounting!

Congress is currently debating bills that could possibly extend the $8,000 first-time home buyer tax credit which is set to expire on November 30. Is this a good idea? In considering whether or not they should to do it, the following questions need to be asked: – Has this tax credit program worked to help […]

How to prepare your home to sell.

The housing market is slowly stabilizing, and you’ve decided to list your home. But what, if any, improvements should you tackle before selling? Should you just leave it all to the new homeowner? There are two ways to look at pre-sale home improvements. You can either improve the curb appeal or the home’s outward appearance […]

Real Estate’s October Report Card

While both the media and stock investors believe that housing has bottomed, they are unaware of the massive supply of homes that are already in the foreclosure process that will certainly drive home prices down even further when they are sold. We have been projecting a “W”-shaped recovery for some time, and we are becoming […]

Fannie Mae Removes its 4-Financed Property Limit

Fannie Mae rolled-back its least popular mortgage guidelines of the last 12 months. Effective the 1st of this month, real estate investors can once again own and finance up to 10 individual properties. The restriction reversal does come with new minimum requirements, however. Homeowners buying a 5th through 10th home must meet the following standards […]

October pending home sales slip 1% according to Money magazine

NEW YORK ( — Despite a meltdown in financial markets, a credit freeze and soaring unemployment, housing markets fared better than expected in October.