A Modern Lifestyle: The Benefits of Smart Home Technology

Technology has been integrated into nearly every aspect of our lives, helping to improve convenience and comfort for all to enjoy. Are you taking advantage of the smart home technology features that are available for your family? Whether you are building a new home or looking for ways to upgrade your current home, it is […]

Easy Ways to Boost the Energy Efficiency of Your Home

How much are your utility bills affecting your monthly budget? It can be hard to manage your spending if excess energy use is driving up the utility costs. Instead of paying these expensive fees every month, it is time to take charge by upgrading your home with the best energy efficiency features. Here are a […]

Homeowner Mistakes that are Negatively Impacting the Value of Your Property

Even though the real estate market is strong, there are a few homeowner mistakes that might be having a negative impact on the value of your property. You have invested in a great home for your family, so it is important to be sure that you are managing property value to prepare for the future. […]

To Remodel or Not To Remodel? When Contemplating Selling, That is the Question!

To remodel or not to remodel… that is the question! If you are getting ready to sell your home, then it is likely that you are asking the same question posted by many other homeowners: should I remodel my home before listing it on the real estate market? The answer to this question isn’t black-and-white. […]

Rookie Mistakes Made By First-Time Home Sellers

Selling your first home can be an overwhelming experience. Most first-time home sellers are torn about their decision to move because they have so many happy memories shared with the family in the home. But, it is also exciting because moving is also an opportunity to move into a different home that may be a […]

Tips to Connect with the Right Home Buyer for Your Property

Selling a home can be easy if you know the right things to do so that you can connect with a buyer who is interested in your property. Whether you are getting ready to sell your home or your home has been listed on the market without a successful sale, Duffy Realty of Atlanta can […]

Home Upgrades that You Should Skip

When planning upgrades for your home, it is easy to get caught up in the excitement of home improvement projects. A few small things can quickly turn into a long list of to-do items, resulting in a higher budget and more time to make these improvements. There are many benefits to home upgrades, but you […]

Christmas Wish-List: Ask Santa for These Home Upgrades This Year

  Are you planning to sell your home soon? Or maybe you recently moved into a home, and you want to improve the property to enjoy it a little more? There are many advantages to home upgrades, especially because these projects can help to boost your equity and make the property more attractive to potential […]