5 Homemade Gifts For Under 5 Dollars

With Mother’s Day just past us and Father’s Day around the corner, those of us that have kids look forward to getting some type of handmade card or some ceramic object that we …

Holding an Open House

1. Buy signs from Home Depot or Lowes that say OPEN HOUSE. FMLS sells Open House signs as well- www.FMLSstore.com . Put the price of your home on the open house sign (i.e. 400K).

Tips for Sellers: for an Open House!

City-wide open houses are coming up soon, get your home ready for one! If you would like to participate in the city-wide it is not necessary for you to notify us, all Duffy homes have the option to hold one or not. You can advertise simply by placing an “Open House” sign in your yard. […]

For Sale By Owner in Atlanta

Being a for sale by owner in Atlanta is easy today. Here are the tips that you need to know to get started. First run an ad in the local newspaper. Your local newspaper is The Atlanta Journal Constitution unless you use your county newspaper. You can also run in places like Thrify Nickle and […]