Discount FMLS Listing

Looking for a listing service that costs less than what you have heard agents quote you lately? Of course you are. Your Mama didn’t raise no dummy.

Maybe you have heard Rhonda Duffy on the radio stating that she sold 819 listings in 2007. Well that is just half the story. She did it in ½ of the time of other agents as reported by the FMLS and MLS. And, 2007 was not the only record breaking year. Rhonda Duffy seems to sell houses no matter what year it is, nor what the media is squawking about or what the political rhetoric is…

How does she do it? Magic of course. No, not really. That is what the other agents would want you to believe they have. After all, why else would you pay high commissions that you regret later or even worse that stop you from being able to accept offers from buyers because the heavy burden it places on your ability to make a deal. When your first 6 or 7% of the offer has to be paid out off the top to your traditional agent (a.k.a. your new partner) who you haven’t seen since your listing appointment, it makes it difficult to make offers like this work.

Okay, listen up. The truth is that if you add a huge commission structure to your house selling process, you will be doomed. Ask full-priced agents, are you getting offers on your clients’ properties? Yes, they will say. Then follow up with do they all close? No, they will say. Then, promptly ask them what is the margin that keeps the sale from happening? They will look at you kind of puzzled and you then say, “you know the difference between the offer price and the amount that the seller wanted”. Of course, they have not thought of this because frankly they have not thought of their sales strategy so you may have to do some specifics with them. Anyway, 20 minutes later, after you have helped them work this all out in their head, you will come up with the answer and that is that deals fall apart when the parties are separated by just 2%.

Yes, that is a small number. The gap is just 2%, but let’s put this in perspective. The buyer nailed the number so low, and the seller made concessions, but when all the dust settled, they were still apart about 2%. Voila, we have the classic buyer’s market. A buyer’s market means that buyers want a good deal and if you are not willing to give it to them, well they just move on. 2% on a $400,000 home is $8,000. 2% on a $2 million dollar home is $40,000. Everything is relevant to that buyer and seller.

That is where the brilliant Rhonda Duffy comes in… her listing program costs less than ½ of 1% on the average home. The more your home costs, then the lower the percentage of the overall cost would be because of the $500 fixed cost up front. Now, if you take the 3% commission that you will be quoted by a listing agent and subtract the ½ of 1% commission that Duffy charges, what you are left with is a huge 2.5% of wiggle room, savings, profit or whatever you want to call it. And now what to do with it. The price savings that this powerful model gives you, subsidizes the ability to offer more commission to buyer’s agents to attract more of them, quicker, to provide more concessions to a buyer to make a sale more probable or just the opportunity to put more money in your pocket.

I don’t have enough room here to tell you EVERYTHING about this program, but I will tell you, if you don’t go to Rhonda’s website, you are missing the selling boat.

I left my selling transaction empowered, smart and I know one thing for sure, I will NEVER sell or buy real estate another way. I know that you are saying never say never, but I promise, I will NEVER buy or sell real estate another way.

In the 2 transactions that I did with Rhonda and her team, I pocketed over $40,000 versus what another agent was going to charge me to list my house and not give me after I purchased. I am going to put that money down on a plane or a boat. My wife has not given me permission yet, so keep your fingers crossed for me!

– Jonas Alexander – Loyal Duffy Client

Rhonda Duffy is my hero!