Personal Finance 101: Generation X – You Just Turned 40: Last Time To Get Life Insurance?

Generation X is classically defined at people born between the years 1965 and 1979.    Pretty much those of you in your early 30’s to the mid 40’s.  However, having given personal financial advice to thousands …

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Excellent Care from Duffy Realty when Buying and Selling

My wife and I closed on our dream house yesterday, after a long but successful short sale! I’ve used Duffy Realty several times before to sell a house with great results. This past spring, my wife and I decided now was a great time to start looking for a larger and newer home, given the buyer’s market (in terms of price and interest rates). Looking through the internet, we stumbled across a house that we wanted to see….NOW! Lesa from Duffy met us the next day, we liked the house, so she put us in touch with Justin Trotter. Justin walked us through putting together the offer, which was somewhat more complicated than normal since the house was a potential short-sale. Justin took care to make sure we were well protected in the contract, and worked with the seller’s agent to make sure we all clearly understood the terms that we were agreeing to. Then the fun began….

Over the next several months, Justin was extremely diligent in following up with both the seller’s realtor and my wife and I EVERY week, so that we knew of any status changes. The purchase was dragging on and on, but Justin stuck with us. After many months (5) of waiting on the seller’s bank, we finally received an approval for the short-sale! We then went through a lot of hurdles with my lender, which made the race to the finish line very complicated and nerve racking. Throughout all it, though, Justin was very professional, and kept in communication with me and my wife, the seller’s agent, and even my mortgage broker, to help bring everything to a successful closing.

As of today, we’re the ecstatic new owner’s of a fantastic house, that we bought for a fantastic deal…and it wouldn’t have happened with Justin and Duffy Realty’s help.

Thanks Justin!

10 Reasons Why The Holiday Season Is A Great Time To Sell.

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My Son Says We Should Move To An All-Inclusive Resort In Cancun Full-Time

Just returned from a great resort in Puerto Moreles, Mexico that I found online on After extensive research comparing star ratings and customer reviews, I chose NH Riveria for our 7 day adventure. I found that the airfare was cheaper when I purchased directly from Airtran.

We had a great time there and I would recommend the resort to anyone looking for a Mexico vacation. I would say for me personally, we were gone too long and I miss work, but for the average person, like hubby Frank and my son, they say we should move here full time.

This is what my 10 year old son came up with with Frank at breakfast one day. The week at the resort cost us $1250.00 including tax and gratuities. The resort is all inclusive which includes babysitting, food, maid service, towel service, room service and all utilities. He figures that this cost will save us about 50K per year if we just live at the resort. Pretty smart, if I say so myself.