Summer Camps Mean Money Blues For Mom and Dad

The school year is rapidly approaching graduation season, which means for most parents’ the question of what to do with the kids for summer is looming in front of you.   Summer camps leave kids with memories of sleeping in bunk beds, learning to ride a horse, swing a tennis racket, or the time that their traveling baseball team won the state championship.     For parent’s today the cost of many full time day camps can cost $300 to $500 a week.    Sleep away camps can cost $10,000 or more.   Weekly specialty camps for sports like tennis, swimming, or golf can be extremely costly as well.    For many families, camp is not always a budgeting item that parents’ put as a line item in the beginning of the year.   Camps can often cause a dent in a parents’ cash reserve that they have to make up in the fall just in time to spend money for the holiday season.  What are some ways you can get through the summer season without breaking…

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Great Tools from Duffy Realty for Buying our Home

Sorry it took so long for me to write you to thank you for your help in finding and closing our house on Vail Court, Snellville. We are so happy with the house – and we couldn’t have done it so easily – painlessly – without Duffy’s help – and especially the support and professionalism from both Joe Herbig and Alisa Peek.

Joe made sure we had all the Duffy tools (which were great), but he also was there for any questions all through our process, especially in the contracts area. He kept us on target each step of the way, and was always available, but never pushing us except to do what we felt was best for us. He always had great input, and my husband and I depended on him more than he will ever know. Not only is Joe a great buyer’s agent, he is truly a good and kind person, and we consider him a true blessing in this whole process.

I also want you to know how pleased we were with Alisa Peek at Brand Mortgage. She was able to help us not only get the financing we wanted, but she got us the Georgia Dream down-payment assistance! John and I are a small business, and are full-time contractors for a small business, but we had the evidence to back everything – and Alisa was able to get both mortgages for us! She gave us advice from initial agreement with the seller through closing (and I know she had to jump through some hoops!) She and her colleagues at Brand were really great.

I will be sending a formal video or reference for Duffy through Joe one day next week when we move in- but I really wanted to thank you now for your help, and Joe’s and Alisa’s.

-Carol and John Jones

My Son Says We Should Move To An All-Inclusive Resort In Cancun Full-Time

Just returned from a great resort in Puerto Moreles, Mexico that I found online on After extensive research comparing star ratings and customer reviews, I chose NH Riveria for our 7 day adventure. I found that the airfare was cheaper when I purchased directly from Airtran.

We had a great time there and I would recommend the resort to anyone looking for a Mexico vacation. I would say for me personally, we were gone too long and I miss work, but for the average person, like hubby Frank and my son, they say we should move here full time.

This is what my 10 year old son came up with with Frank at breakfast one day. The week at the resort cost us $1250.00 including tax and gratuities. The resort is all inclusive which includes babysitting, food, maid service, towel service, room service and all utilities. He figures that this cost will save us about 50K per year if we just live at the resort. Pretty smart, if I say so myself.