Focus On Yourself And Success Will Come

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For Things To Change You Must Change First…

People always say, “What if it is really not my fault? What if the situation is totally out of my hands?”

In actual fact we always play a role in creating whatever is happening to us, whether consciously or subconsciously.

We create our experiences either through our thoughts or our actions. You can say something emphatically, but if you are thinking something else, people can pick up the vibes, or it will
show up in your body language.

People who are in control of their lives believe that they create their world. If everything is going great, then they created it, not anybody else. If things are not going well, then they created
it as well.

Some people tell me that they never get a good break. They never get lucky enough to land a great opportunity. They are never at the right place at the right time. I believe you create your own luck.
Or I prefer the word opportunity or break.

If you never find any good opportunities, it could be because of your limiting beliefs and thoughts. If you believe that there are no opportunities around, your mind will tend to delete all the great opportunities, even if they are there right before you.

Once there was a woman who had been looking for the right partner for the last 20 years. She was in her late 30s and getting concerned she would never find her ideal guy.

When asked what she was looking for, she started describing this perfect man who had to be rich, handsome, humorous, sensitive and charming.

When asked bluntly, ‘Would this man with all these traits want to marry you?’ She had no answer.

If she wanted to attract the perfect man, she must first be that perfect woman to attract him!

One single most important message in this article is, for things to change, we must first change ourselves. When we take responsibility for what we get and change ourselves, everything and everybody else will change with us!

If you want to attract the best staff, be the best boss
If you want to have the best kids, be the best parent
If you want the perfect wife, then be that perfect husband
If you want the highest income, add the greatest value
If you want to attract the best customers, become the best company

Focus on yourself and success will come.

This post is not my own, but as a Master Coach in NLP, I want you to experience everything you can in life – LIVE.

Rhonda Duffy, Duffy Realty

How To Make Money On Your Home

Making money on your home is key to many of you. My clients report that they simply would not consider owning a home that they did not make some profit on. The thought of taking a check to closing is repulsive. Here is what I want you to know about making money on your home.

The obvious things about home ownership that make you money…

 The whole time that you live in a home, if it is your primary residence, you are saving on your taxes. In other words, you can either use your money to pay for a place to call your own that you are buying, or you can pay more taxes.

 The home ownership experience lends itself to your higher self-esteem. Self-esteem will lead you to making more money in all aspects of your life.

 The home gives you a place to do all of your handyman experiences on your own dime with your own result of profit, or not.

 As your mortgage payments are made over the years, your equity stake in the investment in your home, in most cases, will rise and your debt will fall.

But, on to how to make money on your home…

 Keep your home maintained the whole time that you live there.

 Keep your home clean and especially clean it well when you are selling it. Clean homes make 3 to 4% more money than dirty homes.

 Market your home at a high price instead of what your naive neighbors or low-balling agent of the neighborhood recommends. Go with your gut and go high. You will never get a high price if you don’t ask for it.

 Sell your home with a listing company that has low listing commission fees. Most homeowner’s profit is used up in selling commissions. You now have alternatives.

 Sell your home Staged and maybe throw in some furniture.

 Get every tool available to make your home look its best on the internet. Virtual tours, Staging, Videos and anything else that you can find. The first showing to potential buyers is on the internet. By the time that the buyer comes to your home in person, it is really the second showing.

 Offer a home warranty in lieu of some of the inspection items. If this is not enough for the buyer, tell them that you will give them 5 service call deductibles to cover future costs.

 To make a good deal on the sale of your home, it is imperative to make a good deal when buying it. Use an experienced agent to help you buy. They are a valued resource and cost you nothing. In fact, in my company we split out our commission with our buyer clients for helping us find them the home.

How To Be Profitable In The Real Estate Business

Real estate can be a very lucrative business. Or, it can be the death trap that many an agent experiences as is evident as this present cycle of real estate corrects itself. Learning to be profitable is not that hard, but it does take a different mindset than what other agents before us could comprehend.

For some reason, real estate is perceived to be a service business. Yet, much of the “service” is really emotional counseling. If you look at the counseling business itself, they are not paid when the patient has a “result”. They are paid as the service of counseling is performed, and they are paid right then.

But if you really think about how real estate is set up, or at least how it has been set up in decades before us, real estate the way we know it is really just gambling. Now, how many people do you know make a great living from gambling? A consistent, real living? One that their family is not ready to commit them for, either to a mental institution at worst for being crazy enough to try it or at best to Gambler’s Anonymous for rehab for keeping with it. So, here it is in real estate for years where we have listed sellers, who may or may not sell, and/or work with buyers who may or may not buy. Service or gambling, I think the answer is the latter!

Now, here is where profit comes in. Profit to me means that I am making revenue beyond my expenses. Revenue to me is not based on gambling. Revenue is based on me performing good work for my clients and my clients paying me for that good work at the time that good work is performed. Very few transactions in business are based on gambling. You can think of a few, but even if you got a bad haircut, you are still supposed to pay the barber after the service is performed. Attorneys take retainers but don’t guarantee the result. Your accountant does your tax return, but does not guarantee that you will pay no taxes, and yet, they expect payment after they have performed the work and some expect it before they do the work.

Again, profit is when you make money beyond your expenses on a consistent basis. This means that when you do the work that you promised to perform, you are paid, no matter what. There are no ifs, ands or buts. If someone wants to pull his house off the market, after having it listed for only 3 months you are paid. If a buyer decides not to buy after you have shown them 16 houses, you are paid.

If this makes sense to you, say AMEN! We are in agreement!