How Much Should I Leave For A Tip?

Even though I have workaholic issues, I did manage to do a few fun things with my family over the holidays.   We caught some movies, saw an Atlanta Hawks basketball game, went to the Peach …

A Thought From A Full Service Real Estate Agent

We received this on Homefeedback about a listing that Steve Haas, a local real estate agent in Atlanta had shown. We actually send the feedback about showings to our clients. Keep in mind that Steve wrote this directly to my homeowner who is a licensee of my business model in Charlotte! Steve has bad timing […]

Less Real Estate Commission

In another article that I did recently, I talked about less real estate commission but from another point of view. The article was called Atlanta Discount Realtor. In that article I looked at the word discount and we found that Webster’s dictionary defines discount as “something that is less than retail value”. I pointed out […]

John Adams Gives Advice to Home Sellers

Sellers, Learn These Words: CAVEAT VENDITOR by John Adams from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution HomeFinder My dictionary defines a contract as “an agreement between two or more parties, especially one that is written and enforceable by law.” It then gives an alternate meaning: “a paid assignment to murder someone.” Unfortunately, some sellers today are having to […]