Outdoor Features to Add to a Home to Improve Property Value

Do you love spending time outside with your family, enjoying the warm summer evening and a beautiful yard? As a homeowner, there are many things that you can do to create a romantic experience in your own backyard. Consider a few of these features that will maximize your property and help you create the perfect […]

Adding Green to Your Landscaping without Spending a Pot o’ Gold

St. Patrick’s Day is drawing near, and many families are looking for ways to add green to their traditions for the week. When you are preparing to don green clothing and share corned beef and hash with your kids, it is also a great time to consider the green that can be added to your […]

Improving Curb Appeal: Tips for an Exterior Make-Over

  There’s no question that curb appeal can make-or-break your home listing. Even if a buyer loves the neighborhood, the schools, and the floorplan, they might walk away when they pull up to the property to see the yard in disarray. Not only will exterior improvements make your home more attractive to potential buyers, but […]

Does Curb Appeal Matter When Selling Your Home?

  It can take a bit of time and effort to prepare to put your home on the market, and many homeowners are torn between different upgrades and repairs to increase the value of their property. Many times, homeowners are so focused on the rooms inside the house that they neglect the outside appearance of […]

Re-Listing Your Home for the Spring Season

Spring is on its way to Atlanta. We can already feel hints of it here and there, even though it’s only January. So if you took your home off the market during the cold winter months and busy holiday season, then right now is the perfect time to get back into seller’s mode! In this […]

You Can Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal For A Lot Less Than You Think

To sell a property in this market, you have to have a home looking its best. And to do that it has to have great curb appeal. The 70 points of marketing I provide our clients can get people to their street or to their driveway. What gets them out of the car and into […]

Tips for Remodeling in Any Market

When the housing market’s hot, it seems like just about any remodeling project is a good investment and adds value to your home. But when the market is tight, you want to be more selective about which projects you undertake, and know what you stand to gain in return. So whether you’ve been thinking about boosting […]

How To Make Buyers Want Your Home

You love your home but when it comes time to sell, you have to share the love. In the other words, you have to make your home be seen in the eyes of potential buyers as their home. That can be tricky.  In this article we will discuss How To Make Buyers Want Your Home. […]