8 Steps to Improve Your Credit (and Qualify for a Mortgage)

Has your low credit score got you down because you feel like it is impossible to qualify for a mortgage? If you are dreaming of homeownership, don’t let yourself get stuck in a rut. There are simple things that can be done to improve your credit score, helping you take a step closer to owning […]

VIDEO | Where Can I Get An Unsecured Line Of Credit?

Published on: May 02, 2013 @ 11:00

Short Sale Cash Contributions

Short Sale Cash Contributions When doing a short sale, Borrowers (Sellers) are often required to make a cash contribution to the Investor or Mortgage Insurance Company in order for the Short Sale to be approved.  Some of the circumstances that would cause the lender to ask for this are as follows:   The borrower is […]

Different Types of Credit Scores: Which Are You Getting?

As someone who has owned/operated a credit message board for 4 years running, I get quite a bit of feedback from consumers. Based on that experience, if I had to pinpoint the #1 most confusing …

Atlanta Short Sales Seeing Success

Atlanta Short Sales Seeing Success – There is No Reason to Foreclose Atlanta, Georgia / PRBuzz.com / January 30, 2012 — Atlanta based Short Sale Real Estate Expert, Rhonda Duffy is seeing huge success with short sales and lenders saying “Yes, Sell It”! This means that there is absolutely no reason for anyone to foreclose […]

Your Credit Score is a Numerical Summary of Your Credit Report

by John Adams from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution HomeFinder In the world of home lending, there’s almost nothing quite so important as your credit score. Your three digit score, as much as any other part of your application, determines whether or not you will be allowed to borrow the money you need to buy your house. […]

Saavy Buyers Know Their PNPs

PNP, which stands for “pricing notch point,” is a value of one of the factors used in pricing goods at which the price changes. In most lines of business, the factor used to price is the quantity purchased. For example, at the farm stand where I buy corn, the price is 70 cents an ear […]

Fannie Mae Removes its 4-Financed Property Limit

Fannie Mae rolled-back its least popular mortgage guidelines of the last 12 months. Effective the 1st of this month, real estate investors can once again own and finance up to 10 individual properties. The restriction reversal does come with new minimum requirements, however. Homeowners buying a 5th through 10th home must meet the following standards […]