Craigslist Shopping – Money Saving Tips by Cristina Briboneria

It’s important that you have someone there to help you determine if what you want is something you should purchase at the store or on Craigslist so that you know you’ve made the right financial decisions. Click here to Visit or Call Oxygen Financial at 678-551-7955 for a consultation to learn more so you don’t feel overwhelmed while you’re shopping online! Happy hunting!!

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Ideas For Sellers To Think About…

Just had a lengthy conversation with a seller who had used an agent from another company on their last full-priced listing. The listing expired 4 days ago. We discussed the following which I want you to be aware of:

1. The seller made is own website and it was able to be linked as the virtual tour on his MLS listing.

2. The agent told him that he can not do any allowances to the buyer as the lender will not allow it. I told the seller to take a non-refundable earnest money check after due diligence and do the allowance that the buyer wanted 2 days before closing. Carpet for instance: they could go pick out the carpet or get a carpet place from Dalton to send the samples and the seller could have the carpet installed 2 days before closing. Same with paint, kitchen, bathroom etc…

3. We talked about him giving the agent and buyer a large plasma T.V. and to put up a sign where the T.V. would go.

4. We also talked about the fact that creative financing programs still exist and that he needs to find some and take down the conservative lender’s sign that is next to his for sale sign. Sellers today in certain price ranges and areas must make the deal work and that takes finding the lenders that offer 100% financing on down. They still exist, they just have to be found.

5. Then we talked about when he finds the lender to post his ad and the creative financing offer on Craigslist everyday.

Productive call…

Rhonda Duffy – Georgia Real Estate Professional – Duffy Real Estate of Atlanta

Duffy Realty Teaches Sellers to Market Their Home and They Listen

At Duffy Realty, we not only expose a seller’s property to hundreds of websites including For Sale By Owner sites, we teach the homeowner how to do the same. Some sellers take part in this full board, while others have success in getting their home sold without doing the extras. However, the point that Duffy makes about doing the extras is that we don’t know when or where the buyer will come from or who they will be or what they will pay. However, if more marketing reaches more buyers quicker, we want our sellers to get off the market as soon as possible. That is what we believe extra marketing will do.

One Duffy Realty seller built their own website with high quality photos. They built the site by doing the site on a blog site. Smart, smart, smart! You too can build your site and get it posted to and other sites as a point of reference. But more importantly, you can advertise the website on Craigslist, in the newspaper and with flyers left for buyers who see the house or any other place that you can put a flyer. On this particular blog site, these homeowners advertise their open house as well. October 24th! Again, smart, smart, smart!

“The process of doing a little more advertising is fun, it makes you feel like you are doing everything you can to make your home move a little quicker and possibly for more money”, stated on Duffy seller. This is what it is all about!

For Sale By Owner in Atlanta

Being a for sale by owner in Atlanta is easy today. Here are the tips that you need to know to get started.

First run an ad in the local newspaper. Your local newspaper is The Atlanta Journal Constitution unless you use your county newspaper. You can also run in places like Thrify Nickle and other small publications.

Buy some signs at Home Depot or Lowes. The typical red and white sign is what most buyers associate with. Don’t forget to get directional signs as well and possibly some open house signs.

You can add your home to for sale by owner websites on the internet. is one of those sites. Some of the sites are paid websites and others are free.

Add your home to Craigslist is a site that is based on dates so you will need to add your ad often. You will add your home under the Atlanta section with Atlanta as your city.

Do an open house every day and time that you are home to make it easy for buyers to see your home. The more convenient that you make it for buyers to see your home when they drive by after looking on the internet, the quicker you will sell your home.

Other Options That Add To For Sale By Owner

New options in real estate allow you to be a for sale by owner while being listed in the MLS. We are one of those models and actually, we are the strongest model in Atlanta with over 10,000 homes listed in just 6 ½ years in the Metro Atlanta area alone. Being a for sale by owner while being listed in the agent systems allows your home to be seen by every buyer that is in the market place. And, with our commission structure you are able to save at least 2.5% commission on up to 5.5% if a buyer comes to your home that does not have an agent.

Aside from the advertising though, one of the biggest benefits to sellers using our system is that we negotiate and handle every contract. That service invaluable because we have closed over 7,000 homes using this same system.

You get 70 points of marketing, full contract negotiation and more wisdom that you will know what to do with and we allow you to preserve your rights as a for sale by owner. This is a no-brainer.