Don’t Know Why Anybody Would use Another Real Estate Firm

Don’t Know Why Anybody Would use Another Real Estate Firm

I wanted to let you know of the outstanding service that I recently received from Caroline Gamma. Caroline’s professional and courteous attitude, expert knowledge, and patience in handling my specific issues were very important to my complete satisfaction. She was great! Any questions or concerns were answered. Not only were they answered, they were answered promptly. That makes a huge difference when you are in the middle of a very big decision.
She got my offer submitted and accepted. All of the contracts, paperwork and closing went like clockwork. Smooth. No worries. I feel like Caroline treated my home purchase with the utmost importance. She made me feel as if I was her only client.
I hope that you will pass the thanks on to her.
One more thing…..I can’t say enough about the Duffy Buyer Cash Bonus Plan. Getting a cash bonus is wonderful. I don’t know why anyone would use another real estate company. You help your agent to find your dream home and Duffy does the rest and gives you a cash bonus.

Beverly Morton


Metro Atlanta has spoken and Duffy Realty is 92% referred to friends and family for our $500.00 flat fee listing to sell a home that lasts until SOLD, now 8 years in a row. Over 1 Billion Dollars saved in Listing Fees and Over 14,000 listings has reigned Rhonda Duffy, top agent in Atlanta and the #1 Agent in Georgia and #6 in the U.S. for 6 years in a row! Browse the site and you will see many success stories of loyal Duffy clients and how they sold their home and saved a lot of money in the process. Visit or call 678-366-7846

Duffy Realty Made Buying My First Home Easy!

Joe with Duffy Realty was very helpful in purchasing my first home! He was very attentive, guiding me through the whole process, from good ways to search for houses to helping me setup utilities and services at the new house. He was very thorough and diligent in going through all the paperwork and contracts required to buy the house. I definitely appreciated his very flexible schedule, and felt like I could call him with any questions I had at anytime of the day. I would definitely recommend him and Duffy Realty to a friend!

Scott Isenburg

Great Tools from Duffy Realty for Buying our Home

Sorry it took so long for me to write you to thank you for your help in finding and closing our house on Vail Court, Snellville. We are so happy with the house – and we couldn’t have done it so easily – painlessly – without Duffy’s help – and especially the support and professionalism from both Joe Herbig and Alisa Peek.

Joe made sure we had all the Duffy tools (which were great), but he also was there for any questions all through our process, especially in the contracts area. He kept us on target each step of the way, and was always available, but never pushing us except to do what we felt was best for us. He always had great input, and my husband and I depended on him more than he will ever know. Not only is Joe a great buyer’s agent, he is truly a good and kind person, and we consider him a true blessing in this whole process.

I also want you to know how pleased we were with Alisa Peek at Brand Mortgage. She was able to help us not only get the financing we wanted, but she got us the Georgia Dream down-payment assistance! John and I are a small business, and are full-time contractors for a small business, but we had the evidence to back everything – and Alisa was able to get both mortgages for us! She gave us advice from initial agreement with the seller through closing (and I know she had to jump through some hoops!) She and her colleagues at Brand were really great.

I will be sending a formal video or reference for Duffy through Joe one day next week when we move in- but I really wanted to thank you now for your help, and Joe’s and Alisa’s.

-Carol and John Jones

Going paperless is easy, or is it?

Today’s world is trying to ‘Go Paperless’, but it’s a lot harder to do than it might seem. When planning to go “paperless” it’s important to do your research. There are many companies out there that offer paperless solutions but are they realistic for your business? That is the true question.

As I mentioned, do your research. Look for a company that provides a complete solution and not just one piece to the puzzle. A big paper generator for real estate, we all know, are the sales contracts and offers floating back and forth. And depending on which state you live in, your disclosures can put your paper count well over one hundred pages, easy. So what are savvy real estate professionals to do? Look for the complete solution.

What you need is a solution that is:

1.Web-based/online so it can be accessed from anywhere
2.Designed for mobile – not an afterthought but usable on a mobile phone!
3.Integrated with your online forms
4.Works for your process, not the other way around
5.Fast and efficient
6.Customers love it and are impressed!
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Buyers Are Still Making Offers Every Day, Regardless Of The Current Market

Buyers are taking more time to make a decision, looking at more properties, spending more time on the internet looking at properties, driving by more properties and narrowing searches that way before getting the agent involved, more time saving for the down payment, and more time educating themselves on what is involved when purchasing a home. Buyers are still making offers on properties every day

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The Art of Negotiating a Real Estate Contract – For Sellers and Buyers

Well, this seems simple enough – don’t lose your shirt. All kidding aside, most people don’t know how to negotiate a contract, or at least one that they won’t regret later. So, here are some guidelines to making a sound decision while making some money.

This article is for home sellers, but you home buyers, just reverse the ideas here. These are very black and white suggestions so don’t attempt to make them grey just because you want something today that you might not want next week.

Simple Steps to Winning or Let’s Say Making a Win-Win

1. This is a business transaction. Keep your cool. How do you do that you might ask? Well, the first step is to remove yourself from the idea that you might be selling your home to someone that you don’t like, that the neighbors don’t like or someone that you said you would never sell your home to. Ignore all of those feelings and realize that you are selling your home. Period.

2. Leave all prejudices about certain people at the curb. Most buyers who are in your home CAN afford your home and with certain guidelines stipulated in the contract, you will soon find out if they will buy or not.

3. Look at all monetary concessions as just that, a concession. Figure your bottom net with the money that is offered. Don’t forget that you will most likely have a negotiation period and that you might give up some more money after the inspection. Use your gut to figure out what that amount might be, or do a really smart thing and have your home inspected before you put it on the market so you know what to expect and so you can have any necessary repairs made prior to going under contract. When you make repairs prior to attracting a buyer, they can scheduled with the contractor of your choice, and not just who’s available, and at a price pre-determined, not one set with you over the barrel of needing to close in 2 weeks.

4. Don’t take the buyer’s requests that are personal too seriously. This goes with step 3. For example, many times buyers request that the home be professionally cleaned. This does not mean that you or your wife that has stayed home and kept house weekly for the last 12 years is a bad housekeeper. Just figure the amount of money that it will take to bring in a cleaning crew and add it as a concession.

5. Really focus on your selling price and bridging the middle with the buyer instead of all the piddley stuff. So, for instance, if you are asking $250K and the buyer makes an offer at $230K and you can sell for $240K, figure the concessions and make an offer that will yield you $240K, but make sure that you list the concessions and at what price they are worth to you. An example may be if the buyer wants your refrigerator that you got last year. You paid $1800.00 for it then and figure that it is worth $1250.00 now. List that for the buyer to see so that they know where you are figuring that concession to be valued.

6. If the buyer really wants a closing date that will be inconvenient for you, consider moving that date with help, if they pay more of a sales price.

7. Home warranties help with negotiation of inspection items. Make sure that you know that this is an option and what it covers to ease the buyer’s concerns. Most home warranties have a deductible of around $55.00 per occurrence. If you have a hot water heater for instance that is old, but still works, and the buyer is asking for a replacement, tell them that you will pay for the warranty and give them an additional $220.00 for 4 visits under the warranty.

8. Anything that you have to say to the buyer should be on a cover sheet with your counter offer and faxed with the offer and never left for your agent to translate. Speak to your buyer directly when you can.

9. Make the buyer feel good by offering to serve them lunch in advance during the inspection and tell them that you want to share with them all the important stuff about the neighborhood at that time and that you will also ask your neighbors on the right and left side to come over and introduce themselves at that time too.

10. Any qualification for a loan should be rushed and if the buyer is already approved, not pre-approved, you should consider taking less money for the house (just a little) and treat this buyer with kit-gloves. I know that this counteracts some of what I said in number 2, but you will understand when you are in the transaction.

11. Use very tight timeframes for both you and your buyer to respond so that your buyer does not cool off. You really have to focus during this time to push the contract through to binding. If your agent will agree, ask them to conference call you and the buyer’s agent and possibly the buyer in at the same time to talk about any issues. That way there is no resentment on what might not have been said. This way your wishes are clearly conveyed to all parties. Again, nothing will get lost in the translation.

Remember that negotiating is fun and should not be stressful. If you are stressed, you are either judging the buyer, you are not looking at the transaction as a bottom line net or you are taking the special stipulations or requests too seriously.