Loving the Real Estate Business in 2011

Here are some questions that my Rainmaker licensees posed to me on a recent quarterly call. I had to think about these answers a long time before answering but I think the answers give some insight into what we all need to feel to continue, even in hard times. Q: When do you think the […]

Buyers – Want to Get Paid For Searching Online?

We know what buyers want! We have listed to thousands of buyers and thousands of buyers have told us that they search online and want to be paid for their time with a reduced commission paid to the agent by the seller. Sellers can’t pay the buyer but we can! Calling all buyers! One of […]

The Real Estate Powerhouse

Rhonda Duffy is The Real Estate Powerhouse. She got her nickname from the fact that she has sold over 6,500 homes in just 6 years, and that is just on the listing side of her business. Many people over the years have asked her what one element brought her such success. Her staff would say […]

10 Tips On How to Train Real Estate Agents

Training real estate agents or anyone for that matter is really easy when you follow these tips. I have uncovered these tips over years of running a very successful real estate company. Of course, this stuff did not just come to me. It is tested and tweaked often, but here are my current tips for […]

7 Tips on Loving Being a Real Estate Agent

Anyone who has been in real estate for long knows that the reason for which someone gets into real estate, might not necessarily be the reason they stay in it. The perception of quick and good money in this industry is a widely held belief. One that has turned out to be a myth, for […]