Entrepreneur Series – Lesson 7 – Milking The Business

Before I opened up my own business, I spent over 10 years at a very high level of senior management for a Fortune 500 corporation. While I garnered a ton of personal and professional growth over the years, nothing can still really prepare you 100% for …

I Need A Budget! Where Do I Start?

Whether you are 22 years old or 52 years old, you are truly the CEO of your family finances.   There are those of us that love to track, manage, and watch our monthly numbers, and …

How Not To Go Broke with Kile Lewis – oXYGen Financial – 01/14/10

How Not To Go Broke with Kile Lewis of oXYGen Financial – 01/14/10 radio show on The Regular Guys

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oXYGen Financial, Inc. co-CEO Kile …

Best Things To Buy In January

I am all about saving money, and here are some of the items I think you will be able to find deals on in the month of January:


If you have more . . . leave …

The Top Ten Great Deal Websites

The Top Ten Great Deal Websites – Breathe Easier® About Your Financial Future – oXYGen Financial

150 Free American Airlines Miles

You can get 150 free frequent flier miles – Click Here from American Airlines by watching a two-minute video for Bose headphones.

Where are the bargains in September?

To be a good CEO of your family finances, you need to begin thinking about having a quality financial plan. Your income statement is one very key part of the heart and soul of your company. We know that you will have to make purchases, and every month I’d like to bring you the items in that given month which should be on sale. Since most of our family financial decisions are either reactive or impulsive, having a good list on your calendar about when to purchase an item may help you pocket additional money every year.

The Regular Guys – Dollars and Sense with Kile Lewis of Oxygen Financial – 08/20/09

Kile Lewis, Founder and co-CEO of oXYGen Financial on the popular morning radio program The Regular Guys at 7:30 a.m. every Thursday on 100.5 FM in Atlanta. Dollars and Sense with Kile Lewis of Oxygen Financial

The Regular Guys Dollars and Sense with Kile Lewis of Oxygen Financial – 08132009

Listen every Thursday morning at 8am for Dollar$ and Sen$e with The Regular Guys.
Kile Lewis, Co-CEO and Founder of, oXYGen Financial has financial tips on how you can save money and help you Breathe Easier®.