Great Information and Help When Buying our Home

Our experience with Caroline Gamma was extremely pleasant. Caroline worked very hard for us providing extra guidance, a broader perspective, and really good information all the way through the process. We have not bought a home since 15 years ago so we needed the extra help. We made several offers on other homes that did […]

What If There Is Land Around The House That Is Not Built On?

Here lies the problem for many people. One neighborhood in Cumming Georgia was surprised when a Lowes was built looking down on their home and the security lights of the shopping center were over their homes all night. Someone else I know was shocked to find that a public school was slated to go at […]

Good News!

I’m not a financier and I can’t predict what our economy will do.  I do know from my own personal experiences.  Things are changing and for the better. My husband and I have been married for the past 31 years, and the past 30 my husband has been in the used car business. Last Fall […]

Thoughts from the Duffy Mobile: Car lot clean.

Would you ever buy a car from a car lot if the car was dirty? My guess is no. So why would you think that someone would purchase your home if it is dirty. Car dealers if you haven’t noticed have someone cleaning off the cars in the lot, because they know that the presentation […]

Top Ten Reasons To Buy A Used Car vs. A New Car

Top Ten Reasons To Buy A Used Car vs. A New Car

Someone else pays for your depreciation
Auto insurance is cheaper
Monthly payments are lower
You could buy a car for cash
Less worry about having to buy extras
Dealer …

8 freebies home builders are giving away – Real Estate News

In this tough economy, builders would rather give stuff away than sit on unsold homes and condos. And that’s great news for new-construction home buyers. Rhonda Duffy, owner of Duffy Realty in Atlanta, says a builder’s whole career could rest on whether he sells one house. “Builders used up all their construction loan money, and they’re sitting on properties. So they can’t build any more houses because they’ve got to sell these first,” says Duffy, Georgia’s top-selling real estate agent in 2007.

Using A Quota System In The Real Estate Brokerage

It has been talked about in the industry that agents should be on salary and not on commission. This salary for agents would be paid by the brokerages and then the brokerages would be forced to hire better people and train them. In other words, the brokerages would carry the risk of someone else’s actions, […]