Could Not be Happier with Duffy Realty

We could not be happier with our experience with Duffy Realty principally because of the service and excellent care provided by our realtor, Justin Trotter. Amidst the stress of buying a house, especially through the unexpected twists and turns encountered in the buying process, his care and consultation were invaluable. We would recommend Justin and […]

Take the trauma out of buying a home

Buying a house, moving. It’s traumatic. I remember telling a young couple that it was normal to be nervous, to lose some sleep. Still, it’s one of the best investments most of us ever make. Consider the following when buying a house:

Worried about the Financial Market in Your House?

Something to remember during times when you may feel that you are in a personal recession is what was recently written in an article by the wise Ben Stein… Here is the article… Don’t Panic – Buy Index Funds and Real Estate by Ben Stein Posted on Thursday, July 3, 2008, 12:00AM Now for some […]