Another Happy Buyer – Jack Gets His Check

Tell all of your friends and family – Duffy Realty is serious about giving money to EVERY buyer in Atlanta! Jack got his check personally delivered. View the Video Here. To get your buyer cash bonus, check out how here. Duffy Realty

Duffy Realty Gives Buyers $1,169,137.73 in Buyer Cash Bonuses in 2007 – Is That Legal?

As seen in The Real Estate Journey March 28, 2007 Many agents state that giving a buyer a cash bonus after closing is not legal. What is it that they want to hold back from their buyer? Buyer Rebates or Buyer Cash Bonuses are legal in 38 states. As stated in Realtor magazine for consumers […]

Georgia has 7 of the top 25 fastest growing counties in the U.S.

Who says folks aren’t buying houses? This was a news story on the 11 Alive news on March 20, 2008. In the top 10 counites are Forsyth (323 reported sales of resales in the last 30 days by the FMLS), Paulding (295 reported sales of resales in the last 30 days by the FMLS) and […]

Cool Bathtub. If I was building a home, I would definitely add this feature!

This is in a $625K foreclosure in Alpharetta, actually now the new city of Milton, Georgia. I love this idea of a big, roman tub, jetted with a view of a wooded area. The fireplace is an added bonus in the bathroom too. If you want to purchase a foreclosure, or any house for that […]

What I Stand For – Consumer Rights for Buyers and Sellers

Buying A Home with Rhonda Duffy and Her Team

We share our commission with our buyers. Our clients help us find their dream home eliminating the need for us to drive around with them. Now, with that being said, we are fully capable of finding the perfect home if that is the service that you need. Watch my thoughts here on why we do […]