Duffy Realty Buyer Testimonial from Battles


Here are what some of our happy homeowners have to say about Duffy Realty’s Buyer Agent Team:

I wanted to personally thank you for the hard work in helping us find our dream home. The Duffy team, with their “can do” attitudes and straight forward approach, made this process stress free. We are extremely happy and would recommend Duffy Realty to our friends and family. Thank you Duffy Realty for making our dream home a reality!” F. Hardy – Stockbridge

My experience with Duffy Realty was fantastic from start to finish. Both Josh and Terrell were available at the drop of a hat to help us, and they walked us through the procedure from day one. I would highly recommend Duffy Realty to everyone!” M. McConnell – Roswell

Justin was a fantastic realtor and the experience was wonderful. We were able to schedule showings of homes around our crazy schedules, which was a huge bonus and we were also able to get all the advice and support we needed throughout the process with just a simple text/call/email. If we had to do it all again I would use Duffy Realty, no question. We love our new home and can’t wait to make many great memories here!” J. Battles – Kennesaw

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Your Home Deserves Some Love Too


Valentine’s Day has come and gone, and you most likely spent this holiday telling your significant other and loved ones just how much they mean to you. But if you’re selling your home, did you give your home any love? Consider the following tip to get your home sold before summer.

Write a letter to your buyers.

One of our favorite ways to suggest to sellers to stand out from the crowd is by putting personal touches on the way you sell your home. This could be by the way you advertise or the way you show or stage your home. Buyers see multiple homes a month, and it’s difficult to keep them all straight. They might remember a home by the color of the exterior, or the state of the carpet, or the smell inside. Make your home especially memorable by writing a letter. We like to call this a “love letter” about your home. Tell your buyer just how much you have loved living in your home. What was it like celebrating the holidays in your home? Was your home a favorite to host parties and gatherings at? Did you watch your children grow and reach milestones in this home? What do your neighbors think of your home? What are your favorite aspects of the neighborhood and area your home is located in? All of these things could be included in your letter. You could even walk your buyer through the home on a guided tour of sorts, explaining what is great about your home, room by room. Tell your buyers what you will miss most about your home, but also include why you are moving, especially if you are reluctant to leave. This isalso a great place to answer important questions your buyer might have about your property. Granted, you can also leave a copy of your seller’s disclosure statement with the letter so that your buyer can have detailed information regarding your property, but the letter will give you a chance to explain a bit more candidly what your property has to offer. If you have rooms that are multipurpose, tell your buyers how you used those rooms. Any extra information will help buyers settle on your home. Place this letter in an envelope or stack a pile of copies of the letter on a “marketing table,” or a table or counter where you leave important information and fliers for your buyers. All of this will really help seal the deal for any buyer that 
walks through your home.

This tip is just one way to help your home stand out. As buyers visit other homes, they’ll see the extra mile you went to and will emotionally connect to your home. After all, the home selling and buying process is an emotional time.

Reeling in Different Types of Buyers


There are a couple of different buyers out in the market these days that can make it difficult when creating or advertising your listing. As a seller, you have to find ways to cater to each kind of buyer to really maximize the exposure of your home. By doing so, you will have an even greater chance of getting your home sold quickly.

Buyers with an agent

Many buyers hire a buyer’s agent to aid them in the process of searching for and purchasing a home. Their agent searches for homes in the buyer’s price range, desired area, and with their preferred features and then brings them to the property to show. Some buyers may even go to the property without their agent, but if they are represented by their agent through closing, then you will still have to pay the buyer’s agent commission. You might be wondering, “Why should I pay a commission to this agent who isn’t representing me?” Without the agent, the buyer may not have found your home on their own. So it is important to provide an incentive for the buyer’s agents in order to persuade them to bring buyers to your home. The buyer’s agent will then represent them through the closing process while your agent represents you.

Unrepresented buyers

It is becoming more and more common for buyers to come to your home without an agent. With the ability to search for homes on the Internet, buyers can choose which properties they would like to see on their own. In order to reach unrepresented buyers, you need to make your property as accessible as possible. This might include advertising in local papers or putting up signs with your contact information to show your home. You should be available as much as possible to show your home, since unrepresented buyers don’t have an agent to access a digital lockbox. Be willing to make appointments with these buyers to show your home and have as much information as possible about your property to better inform them. Then, direct them to your agent to proceed with any offers. Having an unrepresented buyer can be a great advantage in the end for you, since you won’t have to pay a buyer’s agent commission.

Other options

You may get buyers who either have an agent or who are unrepresented, but you might also get people who would like to rent or lease your property. At Duffy Realty of Atlanta, you can list your home for a lease purchase for no extra charge. If you would like to rent your home, you may advertise it via rental websites to advertise it. Once the rental term is up, you may list it in the MLS. It is important to be aware that there are a few types of buyers in the market that you can real in. Cater towards all of them and your home will be sold in no time!

Duffy Realty Buyer Testimonials for Dec 2014

Here are what some of our Happy Homeowners have to say about Duffy Realty’s Buyer Agent Team:


“I highly recommend Michael McCarty and the Duffy Realty team. Mike was a great help and an excellent agent. Very calm in a storm and had great advice. Duffy Realty has a great buyers package and provide a lot of help during the buying process. I have already recommended this team to a friend. Thanks Again!”  Billy E. & Candice GurrSuwanee

“I would highly recommend my realtor DeAnna Stephenson to anyone who is looking to buy or sell a home. Her real estate expertise is outstanding. Her response time to email/text/phone is unprecedented especially with time-sensitive documentation. Her knowledge of the various areas in a home search is priceless. Her work ethic is five-star! DeAnna has assisted us every step of the way with great personal care, especially during the negotiation process. She may have lots on her real estate plate, but she has always made time to answer our questions with calmness and integrity and made us feel comfortable. This young lady certainly exhibits true professionalism.”  Roberty & Irma FrakesCovington

“Eden has been very helpful throughout the process. She started off on the right foot explaining to us all the nuances of home buying and what Duffy can take care of while representing buyers. Her team of showing agents were very patient and empathized with our mindset. Her team of assistants had been very helpful throughout the process and made me informed of everything and looked after my concerns all along. Overall, it was a very good experience for me with Eden and Duffy realty and I would highly recommend them for any new home buyers.”  Pavan PursarlaAlpharetta


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Atlanta Smart Home Buyer

Atlanta Georgia- Smart home Buyer - How to Buy a Home

In a recent article in our local, major newspaper, a reporter interviewed a veteran agent who had been in the business over 15 years. The agent boasted that she will remain in real estate because she had made changes to her criteria of how she will work with a buyer. She reported that one of the changes is that the buyers must search the internet and narrow down the houses by driving by the house and then she will take them to the house, which ultimately will save her gas.

Well folks, this particular agent does not give her buyers any of her commission on her sale, and yet, she expects her buyers to do their own research, taking their precious time to look at the houses on the internet. This of course will require no previewing by her. Then she wants them to take more time and costs to drive by the house and then will have them go back with her later by appointment only. She even said that they are prohibited to talk to the listing agent or the seller and if they do so, she will drop them as clients.

Now, what incenses me the most is that we, at Duffy Realty, have decided that most buyers are going to do this work anyway. The only difference is that we recognize that we used to do the work of previewing the home both on the internet and in person and that by having the buyer do it, it has drastically decreased the amount of time that we need to spend in the home search. So, we decided that we should absolutely share our commission with the buyers to reward them for the work they are doing. It is only fair.

Yes, you heard it right, we pay our buyers to help us search for their homes. It is not a rule or a requirement to use our service, but if the buyer wants to do the work that most likely they were going to do anyway, we will split our commission with them.

We do everything in our power to support their search. We set our buyers up with personal websites that will email them when a house comes on the market or lowers their price based on the criteria that they have given us.

We are available at any time to step in after the buyers have found the house or houses that they are interested to show them the house and all of the positives and negatives involved with it. We train our buyer agent specialists not to be cheerleaders with commission breath but to be devils advocates, allowing our clients to go into the property eyes wide open. Because we have vast experience on negotiating high volume transactions, we are able to use our Secret Formula for contracts to get the buyer the very best deal possible. We are really good at negotiation because when you are not spending your time showing buyers homes that they are not interested in, it allows you to work with more buyers. This gives you more experience in the places of the transaction that matter, like contracts, which allows you to focus on getting the very best deal for the buyer.

And when the property closes, we receive our commission and we split it out with our clients. This is the Duffy Buyer Cash Bonus. And besides getting a share of the commission, the best part is the service is absolutely free. Our experienced agents help make a buyer’s home search more efficient and focused and for those who choose to be our clients, put commission in their pocket, all at no charge to the buyer.

In a nutshell, the bonus commission split the buyer makes is based on the amount of houses we take them to. The very least amount that we will pay a buyer is $500 and the most they can make is all the way up to ½ of our commission.

If you have interest in joining the other smart buyer clients of Duffy Realty, and get this free experienced assistance and a split of our commission as well is to give us a call at 678-892-1186. All of the details to get you started are found on my website: www.DuffyRealtyofAtlanta.com .

Are You In A Personal Recession?

This is a post that I did on another blog. Look at some of the comments from other agents.

Please remind your buyers and sellers that if they are not in a personal recession, it is okay to live out their dreams of buying and selling. Buying a home and selling a home is a right that we as real estate professionals don’t want to take away from our clients.

Now when I am asked, even on my weekly radio show, how the market is, I simply say that there are plenty of people who have the courage to pursue their dreams out there and they are making it happen for themselves. And I add, that I don’t really know too many people who have panicked and torn up their credit cards that have high interest rates, nor do I know that many people that are making less money than they did 10 years ago.

We are creating the reality when clients ask us about the market. We need to be careful not to talk ourselves and them into fear and thus no action.


Hi Rhonda,

Funny, but I never thought about it that way. Good perspective, I’ll need to rememer that.

We were talking just the other day that we are seeing so many mixed signals out there. Just today my clients were one of 4 multiple offers on a property, the same thing happened last week with others.

07/25/2008 09:11 PM by Orange Co. Real Estate~Lynda Eisenmann, Broker-Owner, Brea, CA (Preferred Home Brokers)


Rhonda you’re right! Perception is reality and is consumers see us down in the dumps, they will follow suit. Conversely, if we maintain that the glass is half full there are plenty who will follow our lead!

07/25/2008 09:19 PM by Rick Turner (RE/MAX Executives)


One word for this blog. AMEN!

07/25/2008 09:20 PM by Jeff Johnson (On the Move REALTORS, Inc.)


Rhonda people are buying and selling houses everyday, and as far as I am concerned the best time to buy a house is always today 🙂

07/25/2008 09:36 PM by George Souto (McCue Mortgage Co.)

Worried about the Financial Market in Your House?

Something to remember during times when you may feel that you are in a personal recession is what was recently written in an article by the wise Ben Stein… Here is the article…

Don’t Panic – Buy Index Funds and Real Estate

by Ben Stein

Posted on Thursday, July 3, 2008, 12:00AM
Now for some reassuring words. Of all of the columnists writing in this space, I suspect I am the oldest. This means I have seen the most economic fluctuations. This also means I am less terrified about them than younger heads.

Let me put this differently. I read recently in The Wall Street Journal that the stock market was at the time of that writing almost in ” Bear Market Territory,” which is to say, down roughly 20% or more from its high. This, said the author of the piece, shows that we are about to have very bad economic times. The author helpfully noted that the market has been down into “Bear Market Territory ” some nine times since the mid-1960’s. Without doubt, this author was trying to do his best, and to serve his readers.

But here’s a relevant addendum: yes, the market may have fallen 20% or more nine times since then. But there have only been five recessions since then.
That is to say, the stock market predicts 10 out of five recessions. Not such a great record.

The truth is that while the economy is clearly slowing down we are not yet in a recession. There has so far not even been one quarter of negative economic growth, nor even a break-even quarter. We may well have one soon, but two in a row are required for the classic definition of a recession. And as I keep saying, if anyone can call anything a recession, the whole subject loses all intellectual or factual meaning. This too could happen-a real recession-but it has not happened yet.

There are still reasons for hope. Exports are phenomenally strong. Minerals and agriculture are strong. Medical is strong. The government sector is large and robust. Sadly, military must remain strong indefinitely.

The government is running an immense deficit, and this is stimulative. True, finance is in tatters, as is transportation, refining, and home building. These are large sectors. They may fall so much that they bring the economy into recession.

But think about this: somewhere out in the big wide world, there is voracious demand for minerals and commodities. That (along with speculation) explains their major price increases. It would be extremely rare for there to be a spectacular worldwide demand for commodities along with a serious fall in demand for other factors in an economy. That is, it would be rare for demand to be both rising and falling at the same time. It could happen, but it would be rare.

However, let’s assume we do have a recession. I hope we don’t, but we might. What do we do about it? What can we do about it? Just keep plugging along. Just keep buying broad indexes. Just keep a good chunk of liquid assets. None of us can control the economy. Thus, we just have to keep swimming in the roiled waters.

As we cling to our life jackets, please remember this: no recession lasts forever. I can well recall so many times in the past when every single headline in The Wall Street Journal was about some record growth of sales or profits. Then time passes and every single headline is about horrible news. Then time passes and there is mixed news, and then it’s all good news again.

Economies go through cycles. But the long-term trend is up, and people who buy broad indexes when the news is bad, if they live long enough, live to be happy about it.
Besides, what alternative do you have? If you have money to invest, yes, keep some in cash. But cash loses its value in inflationary times. In fact, holding cash over long periods – beyond what you need for peace of mind – is a surefire way to make yourself unhappy. You will lose money on it over long periods as inflation nibbles at it.

The best bet usually is what has gone down the most, and that, for now, is real estate. I got a letter from a thoughtful reader saying he was going to wait until real estate had reached its all time low before he bought. But how will he know? And how rarely does he find a home he truly loves? Even when homebuyers buy at the top of the cycle, if they love their homes, and if they can hold on, they always end up delighted.

Yes, there will be news saying housing will not recover THIS TIME. But in fact, except in really depressed areas, housing recovers EVERY TIME and goes on to pass its prior record. The real story of real estate, as my brilliant money manager friend, Phil DeMuth, says, is of failing to buy, not of staying away successfully.

The plain fact is that you don’t know when real estate will be at bottom until it’s too late. If you see a home you love, buy it now if you plan to be in it a long time. And know that the headline writers want to whip you up and make you crazy about the economy. They sell fear. Stay calm and stay well to do.

Buying a Model Home or A Furnished Home For That Matter

As some of you may know from my radio show, Frank and I purchased the Southern Living home in Big Canoe in June. This home had over 10,000 people through it while it was on tour, had 4 back-up offers on it to buy it, and we had to kick someone out of the contract to own it. It was hectic and exciting at the same time.

With all of that said, we have been shocked at what is not included in the home that we felt was going to stay. You see, this home was a little different because decorators decorated different parts of the home and some of the stuff that they added was added to things that should remain in the home like, door thresholds, knobs on cabinets etc…

Due to the fact that the home was also new, the spec sheet is different than a seller’s disclosure that states what stays and what goes like in a resale that the seller marks what stays and what goes.

Tip: If you are buying a resale home, make sure that you study the seller’s disclosure closely to see what goes and stays. Sellers be careful too to make sure that what you mark is what you mean.

List Everything

Okay, with all of that being said, what we had to do and what you have to do is, take your time, no matter what is going on, write every item down, taking nothing for granted like toilet paper holders etc… and have an agreement with the seller about what stays and goes. If you are not a detailed person, this may take even longer than expected.

Take Photos

Next, take detailed photos of every room in case of a switch-out.

Neat Deck Idea for under $300 to present your Deck as an Activity Center

You have seen these around in stores like Home Depot, Lowes and even Target and Walmart and they work well to market and present a lifestyle to your buyers. This is especially good for larger decks. What I mean by marketing a lifestyle to your buyers is, you want to present a place that they could entertain or relax. Something that looks like a change of pace for them. Simple little ideas like this really make the buyer excited. Set up a full place setting on a table and make it seem like you are about to have a party.

Tips from Atlanta’s Real Estate Power House, Rhonda Duffy and Duffy Realty

Coldwell Banker quotes article about Builders Sweeting the Deal

I was interviewed in an article that originally appeared in the Wall Street Journal. Coldwell Banker quoted this article. This is important if you are thinking about buying a new home. We have learned so much in the last few years about how to motivate builders to accept OUR offer instead of us accepting theirs.

Well, we’ve seen in the past few months that builders aren’t raising their prices as quickly as they have in the past, they are offering raising their commission amounts to Realtors, and we’ve heard recently where builders are inflating their lot premiums, so they can offer “discounts” without increasing incentives or lowering prices. The following is an article from the Wall Street Journal discussing what builders are doing in response to their slower markets.
Faced with rising inventories of unsold homes and reluctant buyers in many markets, some home builders and developers are beginning to offer buyers an array of incentives. A September survey of 488 single-family home builders by NAHB found that 58% were offering non-price sales incentives, compared with 51% six months earlier. Buyers are more likely to be successful if they ask for upgrades rather than for a price cut, according to Rhonda Duffy, a broker in Atlanta. Among incentives being provided in Las Vegas, according to Larry Murphy, the president of SalesTraq, are: granite countertops, a $30,000 swimming pool; and a one-year pass to a local golf course that is worth about $3,000. MDC Holdings in Denver is offering $7,500 toward closing costs or $20,000 in upgrades on $375,000 homes in a Las Vegas subdivision. Portsmouth, Va. builder Waverton Homes has increased what it will pay towards closing costs from $2,500 to $4,000 if buyers used a preferred lender and close by the end of the year. For a limited time, Centex Corp. is offering the general public an “employee pricing” promotion with a 5% discount and up to $20,000 in additional incentives on select homes. (www.wsj.com)
Wall Street Journal (11/10/05); Kemba J. Dunham and Ruth Simon
Source: NAHB’s Nation’s Building News

Read more…From Coldwell

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