$2700 Richer and a NEW house too

Phil Gentry of Duffy Realty hands out and Buyer Cash Bonus to his friend & client… If you are jealous, contact us now to get your Buyer Cash Bonus check. Contact Duffy Realty of Atlanta or Phil Gentry directly.

Another Money Tree Discovered in Georgia

In this video you will see another Duffy home buyer who discovers that money does grow on trees. Thanks to Sherry Hoger, a great buyer’s agent on the Duffy Realty team, Sherry’s clients are several thousand dollars richer and they enjoyed the process. If you decide that you want a money tree of your own, […]

Powder Springs Georgia – Around a Long Time

Here is the short, touring video about Powder Springs, established in 1838, from our turning historian Sherry Hoger. If you need information about a city you are moving to to buy a home, please contact us. We probably have a short video about the city. www.DuffyRealtyofAtlanta.com

How to Buy An Atlanta Home or Condo – Do You Have What It Takes To Be a Buyer?

There are 7 things that you need to know if you are going to take your role as a buyer seriously. Read on and I will explain step by step the 7 things that are most important when you are buying a home or condo. #1 thing to know and do when you buy a […]

Phillipe’s Buyer Gets Over $7,000 of Phillipe’s Hard Earned Money

Yes, that is right. Phillipe’s buyer helped Phillipe find the house for him and he reaped over $7,000 of Phillipe’s commission. All part of the THANK YOU that you get when you buy a home with Duffy Realty protecting your interest. View other canceled checks of other lucky buyers here.

Another Happy Buyer – Jack Gets His Check

Tell all of your friends and family – Duffy Realty is serious about giving money to EVERY buyer in Atlanta! Jack got his check personally delivered. View the Video Here. To get your buyer cash bonus, check out how here. Duffy Realty

Duffy Realty Gives Buyers $1,169,137.73 in Buyer Cash Bonuses in 2007 – Is That Legal?

As seen in The Real Estate Journey March 28, 2007 Many agents state that giving a buyer a cash bonus after closing is not legal. What is it that they want to hold back from their buyer? Buyer Rebates or Buyer Cash Bonuses are legal in 38 states. As stated in Realtor magazine for consumers […]

Realtors scratching their head about WHY buyers would want to search without them?

I found this on ActiveRain – a social networking blog that I belong to. This is a commentary between agents and a manager of Active Rain, Tim: Buyer’s Agents, Have Consumers Really Chosen Their House Online? I’m fascinated by the conversation around REALTORS® and real estate on Twitter. I track lots of different key words […]

Suzy Orman gives her advice on Buying a Home in Oprah’s magazine

FINANCIAL FREEDOM Suze Orman: Twelve Steps to Wealth Step Seven: Buying a Home Owning a home is a keystone of wealth—both financial affluence and emotional security. With mortgage interest rates still at or near historic lows, this remains an optimum time to consider buying a home. Here are five things you should know right now: […]