Dependable Real Estate Service to Buyers

I wanted to take a minute and express my gratitude for the diligent and dependable service that Martin provided. I have been so pleased with his support, guidance and attention to detail over the past several months. As a first time home buyers you are excited and skeptic after you read all the misfortune that […]

Take the trauma out of buying a home

Buying a house, moving. It’s traumatic. I remember telling a young couple that it was normal to be nervous, to lose some sleep. Still, it’s one of the best investments most of us ever make. Consider the following when buying a house:

The Art of Negotiating a Real Estate Contract – For Sellers and Buyers

Well, this seems simple enough – don’t lose your shirt. All kidding aside, most people don’t know how to negotiate a contract, or at least one that they won’t regret later. So, here are some guidelines to making a sound decision while making some money. This article is for home sellers, but you home buyers, […]