Do You Need Both Home Insurance and a Home Warranty?

When you are buying a home in Atlanta, it is important that you take a few precautionary steps to keep yourself protected in the process. Home insurance and a home warranty are two options that new homeowners should consider, and many people actually think that these policies are the same thing. The truth is that […]

Owner’s Title Insurance is a Must-Have… Here’s Why

Whether you are buying a home or working with a builder to construct a new home, it is likely that you feel like you are constantly receiving new fees and costs that pop up unexpectedly. Home buyers are often searching for ways to decrease their costs, allowing them to purchase a home that is still […]

Housing Trends that Appeal to Boomers – Boomers Empower Themselves

One of the biggest characteristics of Boomers is that we as a group are do-it-yourself mavericks. We don’t like people telling us what to do. And we certainly wouldn’t want to pay for that type of guidance. Therefore, the biggest trend in real estate today, hands down, is flat-fee realty services. Companies like mine have […]

Finding The Home That You Love

Just like people searching for a soul mate on a personals match website, when searching from your next dream home, like the ad says, “it’s ok to look online”. The first time people see a home is not when they physically view it, but when they see it online. Search websites like REALTOR.com, Trulia, Zillow, […]

Where To Buy A Home In Atlanta

When you are deciding where to buy a home in Atlanta you can use this simplest method of search possible. It is as easy as this if you don’t have a specific location to which you want to move: 1. Spread the map on a table, close your eyes and throw a dart at the […]

How to Buy An Atlanta Home or Condo – Do You Have What It Takes To Be a Buyer?

There are 7 things that you need to know if you are going to take your role as a buyer seriously. Read on and I will explain step by step the 7 things that are most important when you are buying a home or condo. #1 thing to know and do when you buy a […]