Praise from Custom Home Builder!

Praise from Custom Home Builder! This is just a note to thank Victoria personally and Duffy Realty for assisting me with a very complicated double closing on a home in Alpharetta. I’m impressed in how efficient your service is and how much your critical analysis of contracts helped an almost impossible closing to come to […]

Take the trauma out of buying a home

Buying a house, moving. It’s traumatic. I remember telling a young couple that it was normal to be nervous, to lose some sleep. Still, it’s one of the best investments most of us ever make. Consider the following when buying a house:

This is a Listing Agent that I Love Her Thinking!

She is talking in a blog post about whether it is the job of a listing agent to show the property if the listing agent does not have an agreement with the seller to show the property themselves. This stemmed from a conversation about procurring cause and how ridiculous it is. …………………. The listings agent […]