Flat Fee MLS | FMLS Listings explained by Rhonda Duffy

Real Estate Expert & Top Agent Rhonda Duffy, explains different types of listing options when selling your home. From Flat Fee to Full Service. MLS FMLS Listings to get your home sold. Visit Duffy Realty of Atlanta Today to List your Home!

John Adams Finds Good News -Georgia Home Prices Higher Than They Have Ever Been in History

FREE FALL: A Rapid and Uncontrolled Decline by John Adams / from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution TERRIBLE DECLINE IN HOME PRICES NOT HERE YET (But look out!) I recently heard a news report on MSNBC that home values were in a “free fall.” Not being exactly sure what a free fall is, I looked it up. […]

Duffy Realty Contract Department is HOT!

Good News Buyers and Sellers! The interest rate is dropping and buyers are writing contracts. Christine reports that the contract department is busier than she has seen it in the last 6 months! Yeah! Good things are happening and buyers are feeling confident that their hard earned work and money is being safely placed in […]

Coldwell Banker quotes article about Builders Sweeting the Deal

I was interviewed in an article that originally appeared in the Wall Street Journal. Coldwell Banker quoted this article. This is important if you are thinking about buying a new home. We have learned so much in the last few years about how to motivate builders to accept OUR offer instead of us accepting theirs. […]

Duffy Realty Lists 8,000th home!

In just 5.5 years we have listed our 8,000th home! On September 5, 2007 we listed number 8,000. Thank you Duffy Clients for making us 92% referred and helping us help you save money! To date we have saved our clients over One Billion Dollars in listing fees and we have given Two Million Dollars […]