Dealing with a Listing Bully? How to Handle a Difficult Real Estate Agent

Dealing with a Listing Bully? How to Handle a Difficult Real Estate Agent

Even if you have a great real estate agent helping you to find the right home, there are instances where you might run into listing agents that are difficult to work with. These “listing bullies” are agents that make things hard for the potential buyers, which can be frustrating if the difficulties slow down the process.

Whether you are dealing with a listing bully because of a home that you want to buy, or you have a neighbor who you have to interact with socially who is a difficult real estate agent, it is important that you know how to handle the situation.

Set Your Boundaries

Before you buy a home, make sure that you have boundaries set regarding your budget and what you are willing to concede during the negotiations. Some listing bullies will try to push every point, making it hard for you to buy a home that you are interested in. Don’t let yourself be pushed around!

Talk to your own real estate agent about the boundaries that need to be maintained during the offer and closing processes. Your agent will be able to make recommendations about the right way to proceed, helping you to find a home that you like while maintaining your personal boundaries.

Let Your Real Estate Agent Help

Anytime you are working with another real estate agent; it is essential for you to know that you don’t have to deal directly with the agent. Your real estate agent is your representative, and they have the experience needed to handle these difficult situations. If there is a need to communicate with the listing agent, then you should let your real estate agent handle the conversation for you.

In fact, there are certain situations where you might cause more problems if you attempt to handle the conversation without working with your own agent. Some homeowners want to do things on their own, and they mistakenly cause problems with the closing because they didn’t have the necessary experience to work through the issues.

Look for Other Options

Just because you find a home that you love, doesn’t necessarily mean that there aren’t any other options available. In some situations, it makes sense to walk away from a potential home because you don’t want to deal with a listing bully.

Even if you have made an offer, you still have options to consider other properties. As you begin the negotiations and home inspections, you might choose to walk away because of unreasonable requests made by the seller and their listing agent. Your real estate agent can ensure that there are clauses in the contract to give you a choice if something happens before you close on the property.

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Home Sellers: Tips to Avoid Driving Your Real Estate Agent Crazy

Home Sellers: Tips to Avoid Driving Your Real Estate Agent Crazy

Finding the right real estate agent is one of the most important decisions that you can make when you are getting ready to sell your home. Once you find an experienced real estate agent, then you need to do your part to be sure that you maintain a good relationship with the agent. Some homeowners mistakenly drive away high-quality real estate agents because the homeowner doesn’t understand common etiquette practices in the real estate industry.

As a home seller, these are a few things that you need to avoid so that you aren’t driving your real estate agent away:

Failing to Prepare for Home Showings

Your real estate agent worked hard to line up home showings with potential buyers. When someone shows up to look at your home, have you done your part to prepare for the showing? If you are serious about selling your home, then you need to make sure that the home is tidy and free of clutter. Plan in advance so that you can open up your home for short-notice showings.

Turning Down Reasonable Offers

It makes sense that you want to maximize the price of the property, but don’t make the mistake of turning down reasonable offers. Negotiation is part of the real estate process, which means that it might be possible to find terms which are acceptable to both parties. Instead of simply turning away the offers that come through, look for options to find a winning solution for both the buyer and the seller.

Staying in the Home during a Showing

If you are hovering over the potential buyer, then it could scare the buyer away. People want to feel comfortable when they are walking through your home. If you stay on the property during the tour, then it will set the wrong impression for the buyers. Listen to your real estate agent and make sure that you are gone before the potential buyers show up to see the home.

Ignoring Advice from the Real Estate Agent

When you hire a real estate agent, it is important to understand that they are the expert in the industry. If your agent makes a suggestion or asks you to do something, then you need to be sure that you are following through and staying consistent with your commitment. You are paying a commission to the real estate agent to tap into their expertise. So, it makes sense that you should pay close attention to the suggestions that are made along the way.

At DUFFY Realty, we are the leading real estate team in the Atlanta area. We have worked with many home buyers and sellers, giving us the experience to know what works to sell a home quickly and easily. We invite you to talk with our experienced team so that you can learn more about the options that will be best for your family. Call us today: (678) 318-1700

Duffy Realty Buyer Testimonial from Harding

Here are what some of our happy homeowners have to say about Duffy Realty’s Buyer Agent Team:

“Duffy Realty was the perfect company to fill our needs.  The property was listed and moved very quickly.  The contracts department was great and worked quickly.  Thank you to Duffy Realty for helping us sell our home and purchase another using Caroline Gamma as our buyer’s agent.” K. Schneider – Milton

“Me and my wife had no clue how to purchase a house.  I looked up Duffy Realty because I hear the ads on the radio.  Met with Todd Edwards, who was very informative and friendly.  Not too long after meeting, we found a place we agreed on.  It was a very good thing knowing that if I had any questions day or night I could get them answered.  Referring my friends to the Duffy team now.” S. Cox – Conyers

“We would like to give a hardy thank you to the entire staff at Duffy Realty for their courtesy, patience, and professionalism in our recent purchase of a new home.  It has been very comforting to know that someone was going to bat for us the entire time, in every facet of this very detailed negotiation.  From the very beginning to a successful completion, Duffy Realty has truly taken a lot stress out of a very trying time.  We do thank you all, but specifically Michael Brooks for his countless hours spend in the pursuit of finding us the ‘perfect’ home for some very specific needs.  Michael tirelessly researched every question we had for him and got us an answer quickly.  He is very knowledgeable of every aspect of real estate and provided us with tremendously useful information, gently guiding us to make the best decisions.  Thank you!  We are now looking forward to listing our current home with Duffy Realty and feel very reassured that this experience will be equally as gratifying.” S. Harding – Woodstock

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Duffy Realty Buyer Testimonial from Battles


Here are what some of our happy homeowners have to say about Duffy Realty’s Buyer Agent Team:

I wanted to personally thank you for the hard work in helping us find our dream home. The Duffy team, with their “can do” attitudes and straight forward approach, made this process stress free. We are extremely happy and would recommend Duffy Realty to our friends and family. Thank you Duffy Realty for making our dream home a reality!” F. Hardy – Stockbridge

My experience with Duffy Realty was fantastic from start to finish. Both Josh and Terrell were available at the drop of a hat to help us, and they walked us through the procedure from day one. I would highly recommend Duffy Realty to everyone!” M. McConnell – Roswell

Justin was a fantastic realtor and the experience was wonderful. We were able to schedule showings of homes around our crazy schedules, which was a huge bonus and we were also able to get all the advice and support we needed throughout the process with just a simple text/call/email. If we had to do it all again I would use Duffy Realty, no question. We love our new home and can’t wait to make many great memories here!” J. Battles – Kennesaw

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#NextGenAgent Chat: Top Agents Share Tips About Client Reviews

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Duffy Realty Buyer Testimonial from Jennings


Here are what some of our happy homeowners have to say about Duffy Realty’s Buyer Agent Team:

“Me and my wife had no clue on how to purchase a house. I looked up duffy realty, because I hear the ads on the radio. Met with Todd Edwards, who was very informative and friendly. Not to long after meeting found a place we agreed on. It was a very good thing knowing if I had any questions day or night I could get them answered. Referring my friends to the Duffy team now.” S. Cox – Sugarhill

“Hands down and without a doubt my wife and I have had the most incredible experience with Lashawn Parker from Duffy Realty who helped us make the dream of buying our first home a reality. Lashawn was highly recommended by friends of ours who recently purchased a home and were impressed with her high level of professionalism, close attention to the needs of her clients and the great level of communication that she maintained throughout the process. We were pleased to find that Lashawn was all of this and more! As first-time home buyers, becoming acquainted with process could easily have become overwhelming, but Lashawn made it all very painless. She was eager to answer any and all questions, responded quickly to any requests, and drew from her previous experiences of representing the interests of home buyers, home sellers and banks in foreclosures to provide excellent guidance. Lashawn was also very knowledgeable of several areas throughout the metro-Atlanta area and was accommodating of our schedules. We felt that Lashawn always had our best interest at heart throughout the process and we would gladly recommend her to anyone hoping to have an excellent advocate in the home buying experience!” D. Jennings  – Fayetteville

We recently worked with Justin Trotter of Duffy Realty to purchase our new home. Justin helped us through the entire process and went above and beyond to ensure that we had our questions answered and felt comfortable throughout, from the home searching, to negotiating, and to closing. He was very patient and knowledgeable, and helped us to make the right decision for our home purchase. We can’t say enough good things about our experience working with Justin. We would absolutely recommend Justin to anyone looking to purchase or sell a home in the greater Atlanta area. He won’t disappoint!” D & G Taylor – Lawrenceville

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Duffy Realty Buyer Testimonial from Real Buyers



Here are what some of our happy homeowners have to say about Duffy Realty’s Buyer Agent Team:

“Five months ago, I saw a house which I wanted. But there were some issues going on because the house was on short sale and the bank did not approve the price. So later on, we failed to buy the house but Alania Billingsley found different route to buy the same home. Her persistent effort made the house interaction carry the process conveniently. She responded to my questions instantly when I text her and was will to help me. Now she made us breath fresh air refreshingly.” J. Jung – Buford

“The McCarty Team held our hands throughout a long distance home purchase. Jennifer was always available to answer questions and get information to/from the sellers. Her patience and knowledge made it a great experience. The 8 Step Buyer Timeline was a useful guide.” T. Grondal – Johns Creek

“I have always put aside and brushed off previous realtors that has called me in my quest for a home search and I believe it was only because destiny led me to Deanna when the timing was just right. Deanna has been an amazing realtor and coach throughout this entire process and made my home search a pleasing experience. As a first time buyer, she made me feel very comfortable with any questions I may have had. She walked me through each step and explained everything which made it so easy for me to understand. It was almost as if I was being positively coached and guided by a big sister and the rapport that we build was just like that. Her information was always accurate and right on target with what steps were next. She was always very accommodating with my hectic work schedule. I anticipated an emotional roller coaster as a young, single, first time buyer, but Deanna was so well-versed in her real estate knowledge that I couldn’t ask for a better realtor. I have been raving about her and this experience as much as I have been raving about the home. She was very transparent and I do not have any regrets with any info given to me. She will definitely be my only referral to any one who is on their home search as well.” T. Amey – Loganville

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Duffy Realty Buyer Testimonials for March 2015


Here are what some of our happy homeowners have to say about Duffy Realty’s Buyer Agent Team:

“Superior Real Estate Service – Many thanks to Shane Vaughn of Duffy Realty. He transformed selling and purchasing our home from a huge headache into an enjoyable experience. Shane was great to work with in every way. He was always available when we had questions or needed suggestions. He even called me from the hospital emergency room to make sure everything ran smoothly!When we received a great offer on our home and really had nowhere to go, Shane put things into high gear, found us the perfect home and got us a great deal. No regrets here for using Shane Vaughn and Duffy Realty of Atlanta for our real estate needs. Thanks Shane for a job well done!” M. Grizzle – Acworth

“The service and personal attention we received from LaShawn Parker of Duffy Realty was exceptional. Her
knowledge of the local market helped us in our search for a home for our disabled son. She was always
prompt in returning phone calls and emails, and helped us to get a high-quality home at an affordable price.
This was all accomplished at a very busy time of the year, but LaShawn took the time to see to our needs.
I would highly recommend LaShawn Parker of Duffy Realty to help you in your move. We could not have
asked for a better Realtor to guide us through the process.” J & S Steven – Peachtree City

“Duffy Buyer’s agent Deniesha Palmer did a great job helping us select and buy this home…all in only 12 days from first contact to closing! Deniesha was responsive, available and quickly pulled together all the needed information for us to get the property we wanted at the best available price. Deniesha also negotiated a great deal for us. Very happy with her service, professionalism and a pleasure to work with.” L. Melville – Atlanta

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First Time Buyer Recommendations


Spring is approaching and you are now feeling like it is the perfect time to take the biggest step in your life: buying your first home. The entire home-buying process can be overwhelming and stressful, but there are some things that you can do to prepare yourself and make the search for and purchase of your first home as painless as possible.

Find out what you can afford and get pre-approved for a mortgage.

This step is paramount to ensure that you won’t be disappointed later in the game. Take into account your monthly income, any debt you may have, and check your credit report and FICO score. Talk to several lenders and mortgage brokers so that you can shop around for the best interest rates and programs out there that will suit you best. Be realistic during this process. You don’t want to end up falling in love with a house later in the process that you won’t be able to afford.

Decide on what you want and need in your first home.

Based on what you determined during the financial planning stage, decide on what you both want in a home and what you can afford. Think about the best location for your first home, taking into account your commute and what kind of community you wish to live in. Determine how many bedrooms or bathrooms you would prefer to have. Do you want a house with a basement? Would you rather purchase a townhouse or a condo? Ask yourself these important questions and more to decide on what you require in your first home.

Research the communities and neighborhoods you want to live in.

Once you’ve determined the areas best suited for you, research and look into what each area offers. Determine which area you would prefer based on the amenities offered, the local shops or restaurants or grocery stores, or the traffic around the area. Look into the schools in the area, especially if you have children, to decide on what schools you would like your children to attend. All of these factors will affect your living experience in your new home, so be realistic about what kind of area you want to live in.

Hire a buyer’s agent and visit homes.

It is important to hire a buyer’s agent that you trust is familiar with the area you are searching in. Have your agent give you comps for the area you’re looking in and visit the homes, prepared with questions and even a notebook to keep track of every home you visit and what you liked or disliked about each property. Ask the seller for a property disclosure to help you during the negotiation process. Overall, the home buying process can be overwhelming for anyone, especially if it is your first time. But it is important to keep a level head and be realistic about what you can afford and what you want in your first home.

Reasons Why Your Listing Might Not Be Selling


Listings with Duffy Realty of Atlanta last six months, at which time the seller may choose to take the property off the market, or extend or relist their listing to continue the selling process. However, after six months on the market, many sellers get frustrated at the lack of action happening with their property. Don’t be discouraged! There are three main reasons your listing might not be moving in the first six months.

You have a buyer’s agent commission less than 3%.

If your buyer’s agent commission is less than 3%, you might want to consider raising it. When a property has a low buyer’s agent commission, there isn’t much incentive there for the agent to show the property to their buyers. You might think that raising your buyer’s agent commission will have little impact, but you’d be surprised at the number of showings you will have all of a sudden once you raise the commission. Give buyer’s agents a reason to show your home to their buyers. After all, money talks.


You don’t have a lockbox or your showing instructions are complicated.

If you don’t have a lockbox, your showing instructions are more than likely already too complicated. You might require that agents and buyers make an appointment with you before any showing can happen. This is not a good plan. By the time the appointment has come around, they may have already seen several properties that have open access or a lockbox, and may have chosen to go in another direction. Don’t make seeing your property a difficult task. Obtain a lockbox that agents can access easily. If you absolutely must have a call from agents or buyers before your property is shown, include “courtesy call” in your showing instructions so that they can shoot you a call and leave a message that they are on their way. But ideally, having an accessible lockbox and open access is the best way to go. You want to provide buyers and buyer’s agents every opportunity to see your home. Consider attaching a sign rider with your contact information so that buyers or agents can contact you directly to let you know that they are showing your home.

You only have one photo, or you have bad photos.

Traffic at your property is generated first online. If you only have one photo, buyers might pass simply because they don’t have enough information. Think of selling your home as a competition. If the other homes that buyers are looking at online have several pictures, or better pictures, why would buyers even want to waste precious time on looking at a house that might have features they aren’t interested in? Make sure your pictures follow our recommendations to really entice buyers and generate the traffic you need to get your house sold! Don’t be discouraged if your home isn’t getting much traffic. It might be because of something that you can fix very easily.