Financial Literacy Takes More Than A Month

I’ll bet that most of you don’t know that April is officially National Financial Literacy Month #finlitmonth.  In fact, almost a decade ago in 2003, the U.S. Senate designated April Financial Literacy for youth Month.   In March of 2004, the Senate passed Resolution 316 that officially recognized April as National Financial Literacy Month.    I almost thought for a minute that we had run out of months since every month seems to have designated some cause for us to heighten our sense to for the next 30 days. It’s ironic because I’ve been doing this for almost 22 years and I can tell you that I’m still constantly learning new strategies and techniques around planning for money.   Many Americans are highly educated but still not well informed when it comes to their money. Here are five smart money moves to focus on if you want to become more financially literate. Mutual Funds or Index Funds-  Many of the large mutual funds companies run advertisements on television or in print about how their…

I Need A Budget! Where Do I Start?

Whether you are 22 years old or 52 years old, you are truly the CEO of your family finances.   There are those of us that love to track, manage, and watch our monthly numbers, and …

Former Homeowners Go the Rental Route

With about 1 million homes in foreclosure at the close of the second quarter, according to a Treasury Department report released last week, the American dream is going into reverse at bewildering speed for homeowners across the country. For some former homeowners, renting provides financial relief or a new beginning. And while those interviewed for […]