There are a few key pieces of information you need to know before progressing with our short sales as a real estate agent.

The Do’s

> Use forms provided by DUFFY Realty, only
(see below)
> Limit the number of contingencies
> Thoroughly review all exhibits with buyer
> Provide proof of funds or pre-qual letter

The Don’ts

> Do not offer with Georgia Dream Financing
> Do not make changes to typed information
> Do not attach non-essential exhibits

For Your Info

> We accept the first full price offer which adheres to The Do’s
> Offers are presented to the seller for review, acceptance, and signature
> Per HUD, all short sales are listed in MLS for a minimum of 15 days
> We work all mortgages on the listing to expedite closing

DUFFY Short Sale contracts are negotiated by
DUFFY Experts by Specialty™
Monday – Friday 9 a.m to 6 p.m.


Sellers are Limited

Sellers must show a hardship and prove they do not have the assets to continue paying for the home. Lenders expect the seller to be ‘broke’ at the time of the short sale. Because of this, sellers are able to make very few concessions at the time of sale.

Sold As Is

You can do an inspection, which is recommended; however, if you don’t have the money to make repairs, a short sale is not for you. Lenders will not pay for repairs. Lenders will not allow sellers to make or pay for repairs.

It takes time

A short sale requires, on average, 3 months of lender(s) communication. The disparity in the appraiser-assessed value and the requested sale price are negotiated between the seller and lender(s). Closing must occur within 150 days from time of offer.

Closing Costs

Closing cost percentages can range between 3% down to 0%. These rates are based on the loan type of the seller and loan type of the buyer. The listing agent should know the seller’s loan type. Duffy will not provide info beyond what is available on the listing’s tax record.

92% of FMV

Lenders have a very small appetite for loss, so all short sale offers should be within 15% of Fair Market Value (as determined by appraisal). The offer should also cover 6% commission, any taxes, HOA fees, liens etc. So the minimum offer should be at least 92% +/- of Fair Market Value.

Follow The Rules

After a few thousand short sales, we’ve developed a working system with as many efficiencies as possible. To avoid complication and to make offers on a short sale as smooth as possible, please stick to the Do’s and Don’ts, and adhere to these guiding principles.


It’s easy to make an offer on a short sale. Get started by reading below.

 1           Request the short sale package by email: [email protected].com

 2           Review both the instruction sheet and contract for earnest money and closing costs details.

3           Fill out the offer form being careful to abide by The Do’s and The Don’ts.

4           Submit offer with attached exhibits back to DUFFY Realty, [email protected]  

Atlanta Discount Real Estate Commission

Learning the hard way, we are short sale real estate agents.

Learning to be a short sale agent by trial and fire is a difficult and time consuming project.  Short sale real estate agents are few and far between because it takes a lot of volume to figure out how the lenders operate.  Most lenders have their own form for short sale real estate agents to use and then they have their own process for submission.  Short sale real estate agents are often left to figure it out and after no communication with the lender it is often hard for a short sale real estate agent to figure out what to do to make a successful sale.  At DUFFY we have a very specific process because we have found that if we don’t have a detailed process, we don’t have success as short sale real estate agents.  So please bear with us.  Our process will produce the result you want!