Real Estate For Sale – Atlanta, Georgia

How do you find real estate for sale in Atlanta? Due to the internet it is really quite easy now. Over the last 10 years the internet has allowed home buyers all over the world to see what is for sale and an intensive overview of what the house has to offer. Pictures, taxes, comparables, mortgage payoff and more can all be investigated when viewing a listing on both for sale by owner properties and the properties listed by real estate agents.

In the past, Real Estate Agents held the power to find the properties by networking with other agents. As a result the public believed that they had to go from company to company to see what the agents there had for sale. That was due to the fact that the MLS (multiple listing service) books that were printed bimonthly held all the information on houses actively being marketed. Now that power to control the flow of information agents once had is gone. Real Estate Agents are used now to facilitate the showings and to perform the contract duties relevant to the transaction. The public rarely relies on the agent today to find out what properties are available or to know what’s going on in the market.

The Multiple Listing Services now populate out to many websites, whether they be a real estate agent’s own site, a real estate company site or even moving and relocation sites. The MLS is now used as a lure to get buyers and sellers to these websites. And, the public shows that they like it. These sites continuously have more hits and longer views than almost any other sites. Even the buyers who are not buying for the next ten years are mesmerized by searching for properties and learning about the neighborhoods they have interest in and even their own neighbors.

So, if you want to know what is listed for sale in Atlanta, simply visit any site that has the MLS data feed on it. If you find that other companies listings are on the site, you are looking at everything on the MLS because the MLS says that if you post anyone besides yourself on your search, you must post all listings. If you are looking for a For Sale By Owner property, you may search any of the number of For Sale By Owner sites or even most newspapers now offers photos on each online listing.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the search is easy now! You have more real estate data at your fingertips than at any other time in history. Happy House Hunting!

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