One of our good friends Kevin Greiner, President and CEO of Gas South wrote us a special article on current gas prices.  You certainly want to pay attention to this as it could be a big budget saver over the next 12 to 18 months. Enjoy!

Natural Gas: Time to Lock In?

oXYGen Financial Customers Save with Gas South

by Kevin Greiner, President and CEO, Gas South

What in the world is going on with natural gas prices???  As one of Georgia’s leading natural gas suppliers, it’s a question we hear a lot at Gas South.  We sell one of the world’s most volatile commodities, and our rates fluctuate in tandem with the cost of wholesale natural gas.  For natural gas consumers, these price swings create opportunities, risks, and sometimes confusion and consternation.

So, as we begin heading into the heating season, below are some factors you may want to consider for managing your natural gas bills.  Of course, there are also numerous opportunities for investing in natural gas, which is something that your advisor at oXYGen Financial can help you with.

It’s a Matter of Supply and Demand

Many analysts believe natural gas will increasingly be the fuel of choice, because it is clean-burning, plentiful, domestic, and has low carbon content.  So why have natural gas prices fallen so much over the past year, as shown in the chart below?

Natural gas rates in Georgia

Natural gas rates in Georgia

Certainly the recession has taken its toll on natural gas demand, especially from industrial users and power plants that use natural gas to produce electricity.  Mild weather across much of the country has further crimped demand for natural gas this summer.  On the supply side, natural gas production has increased as a result of new discoveries in shale formations and technological breakthroughs that allow for horizontal drilling methods to extract this gas economically.  The combination of higher supply and reduced demand has caused natural gas prices to decline by about 70 percent since last July.

What it Means for You

Natural gas rates in Georgia have dropped to their lowest levels in seven years.  They could keep declining.  But with signs of the economy improving and a recent rebound in the prices of other energy commodities, it is a good time to consider locking in a fixed rate for the winter.

Gas South would like to help you manage your natural gas bills.  We’re a locally owned and operated natural gas supplier that serves over 225,000 customers throughout Georgia.  We pride ourselves on offering simple and very competitive rate plans, great customer service, and an easy-to-use website that allows you to enroll and pay your bills online.  To make your decision even easier, we are offering oXYGen Financial customers our “Friends and Family” rates which provide a two-cent per therm discount off of all of our rate plans. With this discount, you’ll receive the lowest fixed rates available in Georgia during the month of August: a $0.76 / therm 6-month rate, or a $0.77 / therm 12-month rate.  To sign up, you do not need to call you current supplier – just enroll with us at or call 1-866-762-6427.  Please provide Promotion Code oXYGen” to receive your discount.  If you enroll online, you’ll even receive $25 of free natural gas in the form of a credit on your first bill.  If you’re an existing Gas South customer on a variable rate, you can also receive this discount by calling Gas South at 1-866-762-6427.  Get Comfortable with Gas South today with this special offer for oXYGen Financial customers!

I hope this helps you save a few dollars in your budgets, and increase your bottom line!


Ted Jenkin, CFP®

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