People often ask me when real estate is going to get better. I wish I had a crystal ball… I would not be selling real estate if you know what I mean. What I do know for sure is, real estate is what you make it. If you don’t have fun, think out of the box and most importantly remove your personal feelings from your home and make it a product, it can be hell to sell your house when the media, your neighbors and any real estate agents that you know are constantly telling you that it is impossible to sell.

I want you to know straight from my mouth, we are selling houses!

I have maintained my ranking of the #1 Agent in Georgia for the last three years and we are still selling houses. I know that I don’t have to repeat myself again, but we are selling houses.

So, how you might ask? My clients do crazy things to bring excitement to their home. We recommend a St. Joseph statute buried in the backyard. Who am I to say that it doesn’t work? People swear by it. Of course these folks have their house marketed in all the right places (which we take care of), but they swear that it was St. Joseph who attracted the buyer to buy the house.

Others may try auctions, open houses, audio tours of the house for buyers who are visitng, CDs and DVDs of their home, video taping their home and adding their home to Google Ad Words, writing letters to potential buyers and their agents, answering all the questions that a buyer might ask before the buyer asks the questions. We have plenty of ideas and can impart our wisdom to your situation.

These are all CHEAP and fun ideas that bring action.

Who is going to sell your home? You, the expert at your home or someone who sticks a sign in the yard? You create the energy and we create the marketing and ideas… it is really that simple. You have 1 house to sell and you need 1 buyer. It is really that simple.

Screw the media, screw the agent that says that you can’t get whatever you want for your house, they are not the buyer and best of all make your neighbors jealous. You know the ones, the ones that will look at you like you have 2 heads when you list your house “high”. They probably want to sell, but are too afraid. They listen to the media!

So bring on 2008 – we are ready for a gangbuster year of selling houses and making people happy that they used Duffy Realty where they learned how to Buy, Sell and Save!

Rhonda Duffy

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