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Low Fee Real Estate Broker Does Charity Auctions For Atlanta

Rhonda and Team’s Success Stories
Recommendation Letter from First Presbyterian Preschool

March 12, 2015

Hey Rhonda,

Thank you again for all of your help on Saturday night.  Your auctioning skills made a HUGE difference.  I would say you doubled our sales for the live.  We would love to have you back next year!  Please tell your team a huge thank you from us and all the Preschool kids!

Kim Wolfe

Recommendation Letter from American Diabetes Association

Rhonda and Team,

Thank you so much for your time, effort, energy and participation at our Father of the Year Awards.  Your involvement made a positive difference and we are very grateful to you and your team.

All the best,

Cristi Wells
Director of Development
American Diabetes Association
June 2014

Recommendation Letter from The Circle for Children Ball

First, let me say WOW!  We were so impressed with Rhonda and her team.  This is the second auction they have done for us and we can’t express in words the difference it has made in having their expertise at the auction. 

Rhonda coached us through her e-book to do “Fund An Item” and this one 8-minute activity inside of our live auction raised over $28,000.00 which is all going straight to our cause!

She promised that her team would “perform” and they did just that.  From the auction emcee to the bid spotters to the Fund An Item clerks and of course Rhonda herself, all of them are professionals at adding the spark to the live entertainment portion of the night, which we call, the live auction.  Not only did we raise a lot of money, we had fun. 

We will continue to use Rhonda and her team and are very grateful to have found her.  I really can’t believe that they do all that they do pro-bono.  What a blessing to our community.

Betts Fisher

The Circle for Children Ball Chair

March 22, 2014

Rhonda Duffy, auctioneer and most famous for being a low fee real estate broker and her team of emcee of items and bid assistants (based on crowd size) will make your event fun while raising money for your worthy charitable organization. The team offers their services to your organization at no charge.  To date they have done over 75 charity auctions for many Atlanta organizations.  In conclusion, to receive a helpful handbook of how to structure your charity auction and make your event more fun and profitable, email Rhonda here.

Rhonda Duffy and her team at DUFFY Realty of Atlanta just doesn’t talk community, she does something about it.  More importantly, she supports charity volunteers in learning how to make the most impact for volunteers and attendees.  As a result more fun and more money is raised.  

Since Rhonda went to auctioneer school to get her auctioneer’s license way back in 2005 she has been offering her talents to local and national charities pro bono as a way to raise money for them, lots of it, at their live fun-filled charity fundraising events all around Atlanta. Moreover, to date, Rhonda and her team of do-gooding low fee real estate broker team as of this writing have donated their time to show up at over 75 auctions and raised over a million dollars for their causes.

Before the real estate downturn of 2007-2012, Rhonda implemented live property auctions on site all across town to take advantage of a hot, active market with competitive buyers to maximize the return and profits for her selling clients and augment her exploding low fee real estate broker business with it’s at the time unheard of listing commission of 7/8ths of 1%.  After that, it was off to the races with charity auctions for Atlanta.

However, when the market softened, Rhonda didn’t let her auctioneer knowledge or license go to waste, and started offering her and her team of DUFFY agents acting as bid spotters, clerks and cashiers to worthy charitable organizations serving the metropolitan area she loves and serves.

When Rhonda is on stage she benevolently commands the room.

For instance, on one night for Jack Hannah’s GROW event supporting wildlife rescue efforts at the Georgia Aquarium, Arthur Blank, Bernie Marcus and Ted Turner were in the crowd being entertained by the Duffys as Rhonda helped direct the live auction to bring in over $100,000 for the items offered.

But no matter the size of the auction, Rhonda is constantly reminding those in attendance the reason for the season. For instance, she reminds them that it is not enough for them just to be there enjoying the food and libations, but to dig deep into their wallets and donate to the cause for which they showed up.  As a result, the charity wins.

This is in direct contrast to what she normally does by offering Atlanta homeowners the opportunity to put massive amounts of money back in their pockets when they list and sell with DUFFY Realty.  Just one of the reasons therefore Rhonda is the most acclaimed and successful low fee real estate broker in the country over the past decade selling over 42,000 homes.

As a result of the efforts, the thank you letters sent from the many charities who have been helped by DUFFY Realty over the years, having never been once asked for a dime in return, have been framed and adorn the walls of the DUFFY Realty office that runs the low fee real estate broker entire citywide operation.

Above all, Rhonda Duffy was quoted saying, “Those thank you notes mean as much to me, as does the accolades I have received from my industry in successfully representing the 42,000 clients we have helped in our two decades in business. In conclusion,the effect of helping charities do their good works for the public will be here long after I’m gone!”


If you are thinking about ways to make money for your charity above all, a good plan brings more money.  Here are a couple ways to get those plans sprouting and after that the funds for your charity will be flowing. 

Firstly, The Fund-An-Item structure – here is a letter from Good Mews Click Here!

Secondly, Charity games add impact to your cause!

And most importantly, you can get Rhonda’s recommendations for making more money and having a fun event even if you don’t use her and her team by sending an email.


Recommendation Letter from Congregation Dor Tamid

Frank, Rhonda, Sabrina, Margie and the rest of the Duffy Team — Above all, you all are awesome.  It was truly a pleasure to meet you and welcome you to our synagogue’s 10th Anniversary Gala. 

Because of you and your team, we had a super successful live auction, kept the interest of the crowd and had fun for instance in the heads and tails game.  We are still figuring out our earnings, but we raised thousands of dollars because of your auction expertise and motivation of our crowd. 

You are true professionals and we sincerely want to extend our thanks for your generous donation of time and skill on a Saturday night.  

In conclusion, Thank you…

Denise Abramow, Congregation Dor Tamid

March 8, 2014

Recommendation Letter from Ahimsa House 10th Anniversary Gala

Frank, Margie, Rhonda, Sabrina and Team,

I am so excited to tell you that we made 147% more at the event this year that last year.  As a result, we NETTED $xx,xxx.  Much of that was due to the incredible job Rhonda and all of you did at the live auction, where we made $xx,xxx.  $xxxx was for Fund a Program.

Moreover, you all were amazing.  Everyone enjoyed themselves and, as a result, spent a lot of money.  All of us at Ahimsa House thank you so very much for helping us have the best event that we’ve ever had.  I used many of your ideas and they all paid off.  In conclusion, I hope you will consider working with us again next year.

With much gratitude,
Carole Baker
Chair, Ahimsa House
April 26, 2014

Click here to see the Recommendation Letter from Leukemia and Lymphoma Society 2009.

Thank you again for conducting such a phenomenal auction. We raised over $100,000 and I can’t believe what a success we had. I hope you enjoy your trip to Belize. We are very Blessed to have your support.

Thanks again,

DePriest Waddy
Chief Executive Officer
Prevent Child Abuse

Success Story from The Cottage School Auction – 2015


Above all, I just wanted to express my most sincere appreciation for your contribution to our first Annual Azalea Festival Gala.  Your professionalism in leading the Live Auction contributed to the success of the evening.  Moreover, getting the guests involved from the outset of the live auction helped create a fun and enthusiastic mood.  We especially appreciate your bringing your support team to assist with the process.  

In conclusion, we could not be more pleased with the support you provided and your guidance in helping us prepare for the live auction portion of the event.

Thank you so very much for your professionalism and generosity.

Joe Digieso
The Cottage School

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Ahimsa House Gala Charity Auction 2014

DUFFY's Home Sweet Home Ice Cream

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Low Fee Real Estate Broker - How did it all start?

In this short article, we will discuss the low fee real estate broker and how they came about. We know the real estate industry today is quite different from the roots that started many years ago. Looking back over real estate history, it was around 1900 when real estate brokers began offering services to present homes available for sale.

The Founding of the National Association of Real Estate Exchanges

On May 12, 1908, the National Association of Real Estate Exchanges, was founded in Chicago. The goal was to “unite the real estate men of America to effectively exert a combined influence upon matters affecting real estate interests.”

Moreover, the association had founding boards in a handful of cities across the US: Chicago; Baltimore; Bellingham, Wash.; Los Angeles; Cincinnati; Sioux City, Iowa; Philadelphia; Cleveland; Detroit; Duluth, Minn.; Kansas City, Mo.; Milwaukee; Minneapolis; Seattle; Omaha, Neb.; St. Louis; Gary, Ind.; St. Paul, Minn.; and Tacoma, Wash.

Above all, a code of real estate ethics was developed in 1913, based on the Golden Rule as the theme of the industry. However, it wasn’t until 1919 that professional certification and licensing became standard through the association’s efforts. As a result of the changes in the industry at that time, the association has continued to hold annual conferences. In 1972 the association’s name changed to the National Association of Realtors.

The Digital Age of the Real Estate Industry and The Low Fee Real Estate Broker

Firstly homebuyers, secondly home sellers, and thirdly agents have all made the shift to lean on technology as an essential part of the real estate process because, the tools are amazing. This industry began to change quickly as digital technology became an integral part of buying and selling a home. As of 2017, 99% of millennial buyers look at online listings to find properties of interest. Moreover, in the same year, 58% of all buyers indicated that they found their home through mobile apps. In other words, the internet changed real estate forever.  As a result of the seller and buyer empowerment of some knowledge, more photos and more personal information about the seller for instance, we can no longer do business or support the process the way of the past.  In other words, real estate brokerage models must change.  

People Changing the Real Estate Industry

Even though the real estate industry was established more than 100 years ago, there are agents today who continue to be modern pioneers in promoting new practices in the industry. The most notable changes in real estate are related to the advent of the internet and the information it supplies to the consumer. Most importantly, online tools help facilitate real estate awareness and transactions, making it easier than ever for buyers and sellers to connect.  Therefore, secrets and secret knowledge that the broker once held over a buyer or seller is gone.  In other words, more transparency is offered.

Above all, and one of those people leading the current industry in Atlanta is Rhonda Duffy, founder of Duffy Realty, CEO: A pioneer in adapting flat fee realty services and an 8 Step Buyer Protection Timeline.  As a result this Timeline ensures buyer empowerment. Rhonda Duffy is the one and only pioneer of Low Fee Real Estate Broker services.

Therefore, here at DUFFY Realty, we are always looking for ways to improve the options for buying and selling homes in Atlanta.
In conclusion, call to learn more about our services: (678) 318-1700
and in other words, take charge of your transaction and as a result, make more money from our investment.