List My Home In Metro Atlanta

Are you looking to list a home in Atlanta? So are many other people right now as you read this. Why? Because the Atlanta metro area is a vibrant place to live and people want to move around it and move to it, especially Atlanta. So what do you do now? How do you list your home for sale and most importantly get the results of getting it sold quickly and for the most amount of money?

Your Options

You can either list for sale by owner or list with an agent. Listing for sale by owner will give you the most rights as far as not paying a commission if an agent is not involved, and perhaps save you the most money in the long run. If you list with an agent, you will most likely get more exposure for your home because the internet embraces the feed into many sites from the multiple listing service that agents put your home in.

The Best of Both Worlds

Many people in Atlanta have discovered that listing their home with Duffy Realty IS the best of both worlds. With Duffy Realty, you are listed in 1000’s of websites that the MLS feeds. You are working with an expert who can give you advice and support AND you are a for sale by owner exposed in all of the for sale by owner venues. When an agent brings the buyer, you pay an agent commission BUT when they don’t you save the commission.

Duffy Realty charges a little upfront and a little at closing, thus you get to put a lot in your pocket versus what you would pay in an average listing commission. You are able to sell quicker because you have maximized your advertising by covering all the bases.

At Duffy Realty, you pay $500 to be listed until sold and .0034 of the sales price at closing. I know that sounds ridiculous but the question is not Why do we charge so little? The question is why do others charge so much? Why pay more money and get less advertising and results. Only a schmuck likes to pay more.

By the way, Duffy Realty sold over 231 houses in your city of Atlanta in the last 2 years. Will you be next?

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