Is there hope for this Seller?

what it takes to sell a house
I found this photo while looking at 850K and above homes in the area that I am looking for a home. This was taken in a virtual tour (not my listing) and was most likely paid for by the Listing Agent. Can you sell a home that is marketed this way? So, I ask the question, did the agent tell the Seller to clean up? If so, why did the photographer proceed to post pictures like this?

Photos are the MOST important piece of marketing that you have. This picture is populated to 100’s if not 1000’s of sites and these owners expect foot traffic as a result of being listed. But instead, this is a HUGE turnoff to any buyer in this price range with the amount of homes on the market. Unless this home is in a hot location, this home will not get the traffic that it would have if these folks had cleaned up.

Remember, when you sell your home, you have to make it a product. That starts with you taking the steps to make it awesome and ends with you taking or having a professional take exceptional photos showing your home in peak state.

Real estate needs to change from Sellers expecting agents to wave fairy dust on a cluttered and dirty house to make it sell. Sellers need to understand the importance of marketing and how buyers search.

Stay tuned. I will show you a house that will sell in the 850K price range to show you the difference.

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